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Media Wrongly Attacks Senator on Fetal Cell Bill

Oklahoma state senator Ralph Shortey has introduced a bill banning food products developed using aborted fetal material in the state. American Life League’s Associate group Children of God for Life has shown that media attacks on the good senator are based either on malice or ignorance.

San Diego-based biotech company Senomyx uses human embryonic kidney cells taken from an electively aborted baby in its research to develop flavor enhancers for food products. Senomyx has financial agreements with PepsiCo, Nestles, and Cadbury Adams LLC (a division of Kraft Foods) to conduct this research. Some of these companies already have products on the market using Senomyx flavors; PepsiCo’s products are still in the development stage.

To be clear, no aborted fetal material is used as an actual ingredient in food products currently marketed within the U.S. However, aborted fetal material is being used to test flavor enhancers that may be used in future food products. (Aborted fetal materials are also used in currently marketed vaccines and cosmetic products.)

Children of God for Life began a massive worldwide boycott of PepsiCo beverages last year. “PepsiCo has the ability to request that Senomyx use one of the morally acceptable cell lines available,” noted Debi Vinnedge, director of CoG for Life. “Yet, PepsiCo has referred to the fetal cell research as the ‘gold standard’ for the industry; they have openly misled the public and created a public relations nightmare for themselves!”

“Children of God for Life stands firmly and proudly behind Senator Shortey who had the courage to step forward and protect the people of his state who have a right to know about these products,” Mrs. Vinnedge added. “Shame on those in the mainstream media who never bothered to check the facts before they began assaulting his good name.” Children of God for Life hopes other states will join Oklahoma’s efforts as well.

“This is just one example of why we are so proud of the unheralded work done by ALL’s Associate groups across the country,” said Associate Program director Leslie Tignor.

Contact Senator Shortey and let him know you appreciate his stand on the sanctity of human life:

Read Senator Shortey’s bill, SB 1418, here:

Note:  Children of God for Life advised Senator Shortey that the wording in his proposed bill needed to be slightly modified to ensure accuracy. The suggested wording would read: ….food or products for consumption which contain “cells, components, DNA or any material derived from an aborted fetus” and …..or which used “cells, components, DNA or any material derived from an aborted fetus” in the research or development of any of the ingredients.

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