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‘Hooking Kids on Sex’ Explodes on Internet

YouTube Blocks Video; ALL Responds with New
‘Hooking Kids on Sex II’

Washington, D.C. – After just four days on YouTube, “Hooking Kids on Sex,” an investigative report on Planned Parenthood sex education, exceeded 200,000 views. Then, an ex-intern of Planned Parenthood got the white-hot video blocked by YouTube. In place of the downed video, a message now appears: “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Jessica Faerman.”

“Even people who thought they knew better were shocked by how Planned Parenthood promotes sex to youngsters,” said Paul Rondeau, executive director at American Life League. “Remember when activists alleged that just the fact that Joe Camel was a cartoon character implied kids should smoke, so he was banned? Planned Parenthood cartoons directly tell children to have sex and show them how. These cartoons for ten-year-olds and teens are so sexually explicit that YouTube restricted our video about them to adult viewing only.”

“Hooking Kids on Sex” shows that Planned Parenthood uses pornographic illustrations, contests, workshops, and even cartoons to encourage sexual activity at very early ages when sexual addiction can be a real concern. The report also documents “no pants sex parties” that are sponsored by Planned Parenthood and that offer free sex kits and free sex toys to college students.

“Now go read Obamacare,” Rondeau continued. “In ‘Hooking Kids on Sex II,’ we show that Planned Parenthood’s strategy is to restructure the family by changing how children view sex. This same stuff YouTube says is too explicit for a youngster is what Obamacare will pay Planned Parenthood to put in K-12 schools.”

ALL leadership firmly believes that Planned Parenthood used Ms. Faerman’s claim as a ploy to disrupt the viral explosion of the ALL Report. ALL will post the new video on private servers in addition to YouTube so that “Planned Parenthood cannot create disruptions with unsubstantiated claims.” Further, ALL has engaged legal counsel, guaranteeing at the outset that the new video will not be taken down without a court order.

The new video report, “Hooking Kids on Sex II,” can be seen on American Life League’s YouTube channel.


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