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Hollywood furthers the Culture of Death with Oscars

"Hollywood continues to pound the American public with the message that the lives of the disabled are not worth living; that such a life is a commodity that can be taken at one's own whim," said Shannon Flanagan, college outreach director of American Life League's Rock for Life. "Last night's Oscar success for the pro-euthanasia movie 'Million Dollar Baby' is just another example of the Culture of Death seeping into our everyday lives."

The highly controversial movie carried off four Oscars at the 77th Annual Academy Awards. "This movie has been hailed as a love story," said Flanagan. "But the grisly ending keeps it far from being a story about true, unconditional love. True love could never include the taking of another human being's life. The story leads viewers to believe that any end, no matter how noble, can justify the means."

While the movie does offer characters, including a Catholic priest, who warn about the pain and devastation that euthanasia brings, the Culture of Death wins out. "It is sad that so many in the entertainment industry have chosen to embrace the Culture of Death," said Flanagan. "These individuals have a real opportunity to make a positive impact in this world, but instead they choose to make – and honor – movies such as 'Million Dollar Baby' that hail murder as a form of reluctant heroism. The motion picture academy also honored 'The Sea Inside,' a movie with a pro-assisted-suicide theme, with the Oscar for best foreign language film. And 'Vera Drake,' a film about an abortionist, was nominated for three Academy Awards."

Flanagan said Rock for Life is tired of the continued attempt by Hollywood to normalize such evil acts as euthanasia, abortion, and human embryonic stem cell research. "The truth is, life is a precious gift that must be respected in all forms. Hollywood needs a wake-up call," she said. "Until the industry stops dolling out movies that send the message that immoral lifestyles and anti-life decisions are acceptable, the American public needs to steer clear of the box office."

Release issued: 28 Feb 05