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Congressional Photo Challenge Kicks Off National Pro-Life T-Shirt Week

Washington, DC—American Life League, along with its more than 50 co-sponsor groups, kicked off ALL’s annual National Pro-Life T-Shirt Week photo contest today with an added bonus challenge that tasks pro-lifers to photograph themselves with a member of Congress while wearing a pro-life T-shirt.

The contest runs from April 28 to May 4. In those seven days, contestants score points by completing tasks from a list of 500 challenges posted online at The first person to reach 2,015 points wins first prize—a Samsung tablet. Other prizes include Bose headphones and speakers.

This year’s bonus contest is Task #500, which challenges participants to have themselves photographed with any member of Congress—including Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, John Boehner, Chris Smith, or Dianne Feinstein—while wearing a pro-life T-shirt. Successfully completing this task will win up to 50 pro-life T-shirts for the group or school of the contestant’s choice, while shirt supplies last.

“National Pro-Life T-Shirt Week is a simple but powerful way for pro-life youth to show their convictions on a T-shirt and provide a voice for the preborn,” said Rey Flores, project manager of NPLTW.

Flores explained that the bonus challenge of taking a photo with a member of Congress may be tough, but the real challenge will be to engage that person in a conversation about the importance of preborn Americans and their intrinsic right to life.

For more information, visit Then visit the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts where contest participants are required to post their photographs to see how they spread their message in a fun and exciting way

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