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Chris Rock has no place at the Academy Awards

“Pro-abortion Hollywood has sunk to a new low. Chris Rock, the person chosen to host the year’s premier entertainment awards show, has called abortion a ‘beautiful thing,’” said Erik Whittington, director of American Life League’s Rock for Life. “This is just another example of the immoral attitude that permeates the celebrity community. It’s time for this to stop. A line must be drawn, and Rock must be removed as host of the Academy Awards show.”

During a recent comedy club routine, Rock was quoted as saying, “it’s beautiful [that] abortion is legal.” “Rock’s statement is repulsive,” said Whittington. “In the name of comedy, he is making light of abortion – a heinous act that violently takes the lives of preborn babies and traumatizes women.”

Far too often, celebrities use their star power to push the pro-abortion agenda. “It is tragic that so many in Hollywood have chosen to embrace the Culture of Death,” said Whittington. “Unfortunately these individuals do have some influence, especially over young people. Rock for Life is calling on the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to remove Chris Rock as host of this year’s awards show. If the Academy keeps Rock as the host, we encourage pro-lifers to send a message to both the awards show and its sponsors by not tuning in.”

“We are tired of the continued attempt to downplay abortion for what it really is,” said Whittington. “The truth is that abortion is not beautiful. It is hideously ugly. Abortion is an evil act that always takes the life of a prebon baby and is never morally acceptable.”

Release issued: 15 Feb 05