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American Life League VP Says ‘Indict Them, Prosecute Them, Convict Them’

WASHINGTON, D.C. (20 May 2020) – Today, American Life League executive vice president Hugh Brown released the following statement following the discovery that Planned Parenthood improperly received $80 million in stimulus money:

Small businesses across America are closing. People are losing generational family businesses they built from nothing. Millions of ordinary Americans have been laid off or fired and are uncertain about tomorrow. Yet the killers and thieves at Planned Parenthood received a total of $80 million to pay the salaries of workers at 277 abortion mills that murdered 38,250 preborn children in just 8 weeks. They also were exclusively prohibited from applying for this program, yet they did it anyway.

Planned Parenthood murders over 300,000 children a year. What do you expect from killers? They make a living and cash their paychecks every Friday on the income they earn from murdering babies. They need to be held accountable, and it’s about time the frauds at Planned Parenthood face repercussions for their continual abuse, manipulation, and thievery of our tax dollars. Indict them, prosecute them, convict them, and send them to jail.

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American Life League is the nation’s oldest grassroots, Catholic, pro-life organization. Its president, Judie Brown, has led the organization since its 1979 beginning. She has served three terms on the Pontifical Academy for Life—appointed twice by Pope John Paul II and again by Pope Benedict XVI.