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American Life League Leads International Effort to Show The Pill Kills Truth

Washington, DC—On June 6, American Life League, STOPP (Stop Planned Parenthood International), and over 38 cosponsors from 18 states and Australia will rally to expose the dangers of hormonal contraception. This marks the eighth annual observance of The Pill Kills National Day of Action. The 2015 theme is The Pill Kills Truth.

Events have been scheduled in the US and abroad, including an educational meeting in Australia concerning the hazards of hormonal contraception by Dr. Rory Donnellan, founder of Immaculata Pathology.

Discussing plans for the event, Rita Diller, director of STOPP International, stated, “On June 6, we will hit the streets and the Internet to decry the Griswold decision and the havoc the pill brings to women’s lives and to our world. Doctors, nurses, lawyers, clergy, moms, and dads from all walks of life—with facts in hand—will refute the lies of Planned Parenthood and Big Pharma.”

Some of the notable cosponsors with national or statewide reach are Pharmacists for Life International,, American Right to Life, Operation Rescue, California Right to Life Committee,, and Pro-Life Wisconsin.

“The truth is the pill is killing babies, killing and crippling women, and tearing away at the very fabric of society—the family,” added Diller. “There is no end to the lies that are planted by population controllers to ensure every woman takes her daily dose of the death-dealing pill. We will refute the lies.”

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