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American Life League Joins Call to Defend Religious Freedom in California Vaccine Battle

Washington, DC—American Life League, America’s oldest Catholic grassroots pro-life organization, joins Children of God for Life in the call against efforts in California to remove religious exemptions for vaccination. ALL opposes the use of fetal cell lines in the creation of certain vaccines, such as the rubella portion of the MMR vaccine.

Judie Brown, ALL’s president, stated, “This is an unprecedented attack against conscience and religious freedom in California. The government has no place dictating against the citizens’ firm convictions that they do not want to participate in vaccines created through the abuse and murder of another human being.”

Children of God for Life, an ALL Associate Group, issued a press release today and also sent a letter to all members of the California Assembly and Senate in defense of religious exemptions.

Below is the text of the COGFL press release:

California Senator Fabricates Testimony on Aborted Fetal Vaccines and Church Teaching

(Largo, FL) Children of God for Life is calling on Senator Richard Pan to retract the outrageous claims made during his testimony at hearings for SB277 that would end both personal and religious beliefs exemptions to vaccination.

When questioned by fellow senator Joel Anderson on the use of aborted fetal cell lines in vaccines, Pan responded that it was “a myth.” He continued his fabrication by acknowledging the use of aborted fetal cells “in one or two vaccines” but said it wasn’t done that way any longer.

“As a pediatrician, Senator Pan should know better,” stated Children of God for Life’s executive director, Debi Vinnedge. “And he should certainly know that there are aborted fetal cell components, DNA, and proteins present in several other vaccines and medicines, notably Hepatitis-A, MMRII, Varicella, ProQuad, Pentacel, Zostavax, and some Rabies.”

Pan also failed to acknowledge that there were over 80 elective abortions involved with the rubella vaccine alone and that the pharmaceutical industry continues to use both existing and new aborted fetal cells for ongoing research and development of future vaccines.

Adding insult to injury, Pan tried to reassure Catholic senator Anderson that the pope said it was okay to use the vaccine. But when cornered to provide the supporting evidence, Pan turned to fellow senator Allen, who quoted from an opinion article that was certainly not from the pope, as Senator Anderson quickly pointed out.

“While one might understand how a non-Catholic could make a mistake about Church documents, there is simply no excuse for an MD to err on vaccine ingredients,” noted Vinnedge. “The people of California are looking to him as a medical expert, but unfortunately, he continues to demonstrate an enormous lack of knowledge and credibility.”

Interestingly, Senator Anderson brought up a strong medical argument that children who have Hepatitis-B are allowed to attend school, however a child not vaccinated for Hepatitis-B could not, under the new law. So if the concern is about spreading disease, why would anyone think that an unvaccinated child who is perfectly healthy is a greater risk than a child who is actually infected and most capable of infecting others?

Children of God for Life has sent a letter to all members of the Assembly and Senate in defense of religious exemptions, citing the official doctrinal authority of Catholic tenets.

To view the erroneous testimony by Senators Pan and Allen, watch the YouTube video, which also shows the pertinent paragraphs from the Vatican statement that were not disclosed in testimony.

To view the letter sent to the California legislature, go to

Media inquiries, please contact Children of God for Life at 727.483.9251 or