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American Life League Holds Up Model Personhood Bill: Legislation That Protects Life Without Exception

Virginia’s HB 1395 Avoids Political Compromises and Protects Human Beings at Their Most Vulnerable

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(December 16, 2022 – Fredericksburg, Virginia) American Life League and its leaders are holding up The Virginia Rights Beginning at Conception Bill (HB 1395) as a model for legislation that protects human life without exception. In the more than 40 years that American Life League has worked toward rebuilding a culture of life, the organization has been distinguished by its “no exceptions” stance against abortion.

American Life League president and cofounder, Judie Brown, has often noted that heartbeat bills and viability bans don’t end violence against preborn children but rather mask the fact that abortion takes a human life.

Brown applauds Virginia Delegate Marie March, who introduced the bill, for her understanding of the need to end abortion.

March wrote, “Since getting elected, I have felt called to fight for the lives of all the little souls that haven’t been given a chance. . . . We have our own cross to bear and it is the reality of all the aborted children in America. . . . I hope that when my days on Earth are done and God calls me home that I will have lived my life if only to save even one unborn life.”

“March’s words speak to the urgency of pro-life principles coming to the foreground and receiving the emphasis they deserve in view of the many compromises currently going on in political circles,” Brown explained. “We must never forget that every single preborn human being is equally important, is created equally, and deserves total protection.”

“This bill addresses the fact that a human being is a person from the very first moment of his existence. Therefore, this person is deserving of absolute respect as a fellow human being who is innocent and therefore to be treated as such. Abortion kills an innocent person and is a crime; HB 1395 simply acknowledges this obvious fact.”

Brown believes that HB 1395 could become a model for other state legislatures. She noted that the bill addresses the fact that abortion kills a person and avoids the need to create arbitrary definitions of when that person qualifies to be allowed to live.

“Let us hope that The Virginia Rights Beginning at Conception Bill becomes law in the state of Virginia and that the language is adopted by state legislatures nationwide,” Brown added.

About American Life League

American Life League has been part of the pro-life abortion debate since its inception. Since 1979, American Life League has committed to the protection of all innocent human beings from the moment of creation to death with a pro-life integrity that stands up for every innocent human being whose life is threatened by the culture of death. For more information visit