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Advocates for Life Undeterred by Failure


January 12, 2016, Washington, D.C: – Advocates for life continue to work toward overturning California’s so-called “aid-in dying” law despite a failed attempt to gain enough signatures to force a referendum on the law signed last fall by California governor Jerry Brown.

Judie Brown, co-founder and president of American Life League, stated: “We do not need legalized killing in our nation; we need to learn how to love and how to do so unselfishly and with total commitment to life. None of us knows the time or the hour, but each of us can be there for those we care about—be there until the end when God, not man, calls his child home.”

American Life League joins a growing number of organizations resolved to fight this and other initiatives nationwide which disguise legalized suicide and state-sanctioned killing. They’re in good company. The Roman Catholic Church and grassroots groups like Seniors Against Suicide are facing this assault head on. These and other advocacy groups for the elderly, the handicapped, and the mentally ill understand the devastating effects this law will have on California’s most vulnerable citizens.

American Life League seeks to build a culture of life and oppose these types of threats through its many initiatives. A major thrust of its efforts continues to educate in a time when the need is more important and urgent than ever. ALL’s latest resource, offered through its Culture of Life Studies Program, is entitled Euthanasia: An Introduction. According to Brown, “While this study is designed for high school students, any American citizen who has questions about how to properly, ethically, and lovingly treat a loved one who is confronting suffering and death will find hope and solace in these pages.”

Judie Brown, president and co-founder of ALL, has served three five-year terms (1996-2011) as a member of the Pontifical Academy for Life. She has written 12 books, including the most recent entitled The Broken Path: How Catholic Bishops Got Lost in the Weeds of American Politics (2011) and Saving Those Damned Catholics: A Defense of Catholic Teaching (2007).

Media Contact: Interview requests are welcome. For additional queries or more information about ALL’s programs, contact Matt Wielgos, chief communications officer of American Life League, at 540-846-3822. E-mail requests to

Samples of Euthanasia: An Introduction for review purposes are available by request.

About American Life League
American Life League exists to serve God by helping to build a society that respects and protects individual innocent human beings from creation to death—without compromise, without exception, without apology. The distinguishing mark of American Life League, by which we will be recognized, is our absolute commitment to the sacredness of every innocent human being’s life.