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Guttmacher Institute

The sharpest tool in Planned Parenthood’s shed for digging up more money to prop up its failed programs that are literally sucking the life out of our nation is the Guttmacher Institute. The Guttmacher Institute is an invention of Planned Parenthood, set in action to ensure the survival and government funding of PP.

The Guttmacher Institute was founded as a semiautonomous division of Planned Parenthood Federation of America in 1968 and was called the Center for Family Planning Development. It was renamed for Alan F. Guttmacher after his death in 1974.

Guttmacher, who served a term as vice president of the American Eugenics Society, headed Planned Parenthood Federation of America for more than a decade. He helped shape PP and was the driving force in initiating federal funding for Planned Parenthood. The Guttmacher Institute operates today as the “independent” research and education arm of PP.

The Institute produces the vast majority of statistics and reports that are relied upon today for determining the success or failure of PP’s programs and guides the development and funding of “reproductive health programs” worldwide. Today the statistics from the Guttmacher Institute are widely relied upon whenever PP seeks to increase its government funding.

According to its website, the Guttmacher Institute says it is “a leading research and policy organization committed to advancing sexual and reproductive health and rights in the United States and globally.”

Among the Guttmacher Institute’s guiding principles: “The Institute regards sexual and reproductive health as encompassing a wide range of people’s needs from adolescence onward. The Institute works to protect, expand and equalize access to information, services and rights that will enable women and men to . . . exercise the right to choose abortion.”

When Guttmacher raises the red flag in your area saying that teen pregnancies are soaring, therefore Planned Parenthood needs more money, do some research. See what Planned Parenthood has been doing in your community over the years, and you will find that the trail to a high teen pregnancy rate leads right back to Planned Parenthood and its activities in your community.

The fox is definitely watching the henhouse. How can PP fail to thrive as long the Guttmacher Institute is relied upon to measure the success or failure of PP’s programs and to promote “reproductive health services” nationwide and worldwide?