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Breaking: News Media Gets it Right (For a Change)

This week’s video of the week highlights a news report out of Washington state.  Thought the March for Life (which typically gets no credible news coverage) is the only game in town? Think again! At state and local levels across the nation, multitudes are standing up and saying enough is enough! Perhaps you were one of the burgeoning crowds standing up to end the slaughter of innocents.

The Olympian, a secular news source out of Washington state, not known for its friendliness to pro-lifers, filed this video and accompanying report about the recent March for Life in its state: “Under a steady rain, an estimated 5,000 pro-life supporters gathered on the steps of the Legislative Building for the 38th annual March for Life rally. With organization president Noreen McEntee Hobson serving as emcee, the event featured a series of speakers which included numerous state legislators and individuals sharing their personal stories. Standing on the steps of the Temple of Justice building a group of several hundred pro-choice supporters staged a boisterous counter-rally across the plaza at the same time.”

Click here to watch the video.