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Teach Your Family Pro-Life Values

Summer has ended and children are either back to school or starting their new homeschooling plans. This week, we encourage you to take action to ensure that your children will become pro-life adults.

You may think that, since your oldest is in just second or third grade, it may be too early to worry about such things. But that is not true. Like sponges, young children absorb everything. If you want them to be pro-life later, you must intentionally share the pro-life message with them on a daily basis.

Today’s Christian families are amazing to watch—beautiful, smiling children eager to help others and practice virtues. But even in these faithful families, the pro-life message can get lost in the chaos of everyday life. We show our kids the joy of family life and the sacredness of every human being, but oftentimes we forget to sit down and explain WHY family is important. We forget HOW to explain the pro-life message.

ALL’s Culture of Life Studies Program has the resources you need for children of any age—from kindergarten through high school. To find out more about how to share the pro-life message with even your youngest children, please read this short article. Together with our program, you can change your family’s future and maybe even save the lives of many babies.