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Take Time to Celebrate and Thank God for the United States of America

Americans date our beginnings as a country to July 4, 1776. Although the creation of a new nation did not happen on a single day, the Continental Congress approved the final wording of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. Our Founding Fathers had been working on this for a couple of days after the draft was submitted on July 2 and finally agreed on all of the edits and changes. July 4, 1776, was also the date that was included on the printed copies of the Declaration of Independence. So, next Tuesday is the 241st anniversary of that beginning.

It has been an interesting—and sometimes rough—241 years. Our country has been involved in numerous wars, including our own Civil War in the 1800s. In 1998, my wife and I moved from Poughkeepsie, NY, to Fredericksburg, VA. I tell people we went from the Revolutionary War territory to the Civil War territory. Folks in New York don’t talk about the Civil War very much, but that is not the case in the Fredericksburg area, which includes a large number of CW battlefields. History of that period abounds here. We have the Jefferson Davis Highway, the Blue-Gray Highway, Lee’s Parke, several Civil War graveyards, and even the Fredericksburg pyramid by the train tracks just south of the city. These days there is a movement to do away with all these names and statues and other remembrances of the Civil War, but I think that is wrong. All that is part of our history.

But I digress. We encourage all of our readers to take time this weekend to reflect on the history of this great country. Take the time to teach your children and grandchildren some of that history. Tell them the truth—things schools are not necessarily doing.

I gave a talk about 20 years ago, and after I finished a young man came up to me and asked: “So, are you saying that there was actually a time in America when abortion was illegal?”

This Fourth of July weekend, many children will die in abortion facilities across this great land. Let us pray for them and their families.

Please educate your families so that the only question your grandchildren’s grandchildren will ever ask is: “Wow, do you actually mean that abortion was once legal in America?”