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Pro-Life Activists Must Use This Map

Planned Parenthood used to be discreet about sharing its events. However, in this social media age coupled with a grim outlook on its public funding, the deadly nonprofit that takes half a billion dollars in taxpayer money now provides an Events Tool that shows exactly where and when its events will take place. Pro-lifers should think of this as a where-and-when to protest Planned Parenthood.


Using a digital platform engineered for left-wing organizations, Planned Parenthood published this Event Tool to its website to allow its supporters to organize, share, and promote local events. PP specifies that the events listed on this tool are not “sponsored, hosted, or endorsed by Planned Parenthood Federation of America” or its affiliates.

Pro-life activists should use this map to identify local activities and create a message to fit the theme of the event. For example, a Planned Parenthood fundraiser focused on celebrating “women’s equality” could be enhanced by pro-life messages illustrating Planned Parenthood’s treatment of preborn women. Or perhaps Planned Parenthood is hosting a “speakout” against “abortion-stigma.” A pro-life, post-abortive convert could register as an attendee and share her testimony when the microphone is opened to guests.

Whenever Planned Parenthood hosts a fundraiser, an information booth, or a rally, it’s the local pro-lifers’ responsibility to attend the event and remind PP’s supporters exactly what they are there celebrating—teen exploitation, wounded mothers, and dead children.