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What Do Bill Clinton, Blobs, and Excessive Force Have in Common?

What is it about preborn children that brings out the worst in folks? If we knew the correct answer to that question, we would have achieved a meaningful victory for these babies long ago. But a couple of things in recent news reports have made it easier to decipher the underlying causes. It all begins with fact versus the denial of truth, and here’s the way it plays out.

In Columbus, Ohio, Dominic Holt-Reid has been accused of trying to force his pregnant girlfriend to get an abortion. He is alleged to have used a gun to make his desires understood by the young expectant mother. While he is said to have done all he could to get Yolanda Burgess to succumb to his demand, once they got to the abortion mill, Burgess slipped a note to a clinic employee and the police were called.

Calling Holt-Reid’s actions a possible threat to complete an “unlawful termination of pregnancy,” the prosecution is attempting to apply Ohio’s fetal homicide law to the case in question. According to that law, “The law applies to a person, which includes an ‘unborn member of the species Homo sapiens, who is or was carried in the womb of another.’”

The sad fact about such laws is that, if the expectant mother wants her baby and that child is killed by an act of force, that act is homicide, but if the expectant mother pays an abortionist to “terminate” her baby, the killing is perfectly legal. While this is indeed a case of a double standard when it comes to the recognition of personhood for the preborn child, it is interesting that the prosecutor is using the fetal homicide law to charge this father of seven (six born, one preborn) with the crime.

This past week we learned that the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada has provided for public use a couple of photos that are supposed to depict the preborn child as a mere blob. The problem with the photos is that they are not of the developing human embryonic child but rather of the sac in which the child is growing. As one pro-life leader pointed out upon seeing the silly pictures, “They think they can show a blob and this is what the little baby is. Well, what’s inside there? Is there a heart beating in there?”

And then there’s former President Clinton who recently visited Colorado to support a pro-abortion incumbent. This fellow has worked vigorously to oppose Colorado’s Amendment 62, which would provide state constitutional recognition of human rights for all persons from the instant their lives begin. This man, like Clinton, dehumanizes the preborn baby by defining him as a “fertilized egg.”

Clinton set the gold standard for dubious comments when he suggested a year ago that it was acceptable to do human embryonic stem cell research as long as the embryos weren’t fertilized!

Oh the lengths these pro-aborts will go to in an effort to deny that a human being dies every time an abortion is performed, even if that abortion occurs because of human embryonic stem cell research. Some would call them downright lies.

The opponents of human personhood have one thing in common: they reject the truth that a human being no different than they exists prior to birth.  Whether it’s Holt-Reid using a firearm, the Canadian pro-aborts using misleading photos or Clinton getting his scientific education from the comics, it is clear that fear of a baby has generated this adamant opposition to accepting facts for what they are—and human persons prior to birth for who they are!

To learn more about the current human personhood campaign in Colorado, we invite you to visit Personhood Colorado’s web site at