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Skillful Exaggeration

By Judie Brown

The American Civil Liberties Union is telling its loyal followers that “anti-abortion extremists” are a problem. It says:

This week was a heartbreaking one for those of us who believe in the freedom to fully control our bodies, lives, and futures. Anti-abortion legislators pushed their extremist agenda in three states simultaneously, and as they did they showed the world exactly who they are: legislators bent on cutting off access to health care who won’t let public opinion or democratic principles get in their way.

Note the “freedom to fully control” phraseology, which is bogus regardless of what they are trying to say. One need only consider the unexpected fall off a curb or stumble on a step to realize that accidents happen, and we are not in control of them. But when it comes to getting pregnant, everyone should have the self-control to say no!

But not in the ACLU world, nor for that matter in the Planned Parenthood axis of influence. The media suggests that “anti-abortion hardliners want restrictions to go farther.” If those same reporters considered their own first moments of life prior to birth, such language would immediately be eliminated. But people who view abortion as a political matter instead of an act of killing never give truth a second thought.

Perhaps this is why commentators such as Jason Jones tell readers that if they want protection for the vulnerable, Trump must win in November. But the reality is quite different for the boys and girls who die every day because of chemical assault weapons, surgical tools and human embryo destroyers.

The reality is that politics has nothing to do with it; actual babies do. And there is the rub.

By skillfully distracting the voter, the student, the parent, or the teacher from the facts about human embryology and pregnancy, the resulting ashes on the floor of civilization are lies.

The following are just a few of these current lies:

Abortion is a “human right.” It is matter of access that is important to pro-aborts, not the obligation to protect the vulnerable from wanton devastation.

Abortion is a “solution” to the unwanted pregnancy. The fact that pregnancy happens because of sexual relations or that pregnancy involves a third party in the union never receives a hint of being important or even relevant.

Abortion is “safe.” Well, according to statistics, 73 million abortions occur annually in our world, which means that 73 million people are being willfully killed, not to mention the harm abortions do to expectant mothers who suffer physically, psychologically, or both.  

What you never see in such semantic duplicity is the truth that a baby is involved in every pregnancy. “Oh no,” the fraudsters proclaim, “we can’t tell anyone about that.” If you ever wondered why sweet little babies can cause such problems, I say to you, welcome to the Hades of our cultural decline.

In the wake of the overt efforts to deny reality, we have as a nation surrendered our birthright—not to mention the unalienable right to life itself—to the evil one.

Saint John Paul II recognized this human weakness when he said that Christ “attracts everything to Himself. . . . This confluence of all being in Christ, center of time and space, is fulfilled progressively in history, overcoming the obstacles, the resistance of sin, and of the Evil One.”

And yet, no matter how late the hour, we know that the skillful exaggeration of culture of death apologists will be ultimately crushed under the heel of His justice. And so we proclaim, “Come, Lord Jesus.”