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Opill? Oh No!

By Judie Brown

Opill, also known as norgestrel, is the latest birth control pill to come on the market. Further, if the decision of FDA advisors becomes the FDA’s final decision, Opill could be available over the counter. That remains to be seen, but here’s the rub.

If you have a headache, you can purchase aspirin or ibuprofen without a prescription, and that makes perfect sense.

But Opill can cause an abortion! One of its modes of action is to alter the endometrium—the lining of the uterus—thus making it difficult for the already-created embryonic baby to implant and grow. Therefore, Opill is an abortifacient.

Enter Biden’s pro-death bureaucracy, supportive of abortion and desirous of making the death of the preborn as easy to achieve as possible. Only time will tell whether or not Opill becomes available over the counter, but either way, the pill kills.

And we know that organizations like Planned Parenthood will not stop helping expectant moms kill their preborn children with chemical weapons no matter how these weapons have to be acquired.

Into this quagmire of bureaucrats and fanatics enters a logical question: What difference does this make?

The issue is not where the drug is located or whether or not you need a prescription to buy it but why such drugs exist in the first place. That is the question nobody is asking, and that bothers this writer more than a little.

I remember when the French drug company Roussel-Uclaf first introduced the pill known as RU-486. The year was 1980, and our concern was so intense that we prepared an RU-486 briefing book for then-president Ronald Reagan and personally delivered it to him in 1981. Though nothing ever came of that, what did happen was a sharp correction in the thinking of Americans when the question of the “unwanted pregnancy” came up.

By the year 2000, Gallup was reporting that 65% of those polled believed abortion should be legal for the first three months of pregnancy, and frankly, this has not changed much in the intervening years. There are several reasons for this, but when it comes to being able to acquire the deadly solution to the unwanted pregnancy over the counter, the ramifications are staggering.

To compare, we are told that the murder rate is up this year but that overall it is “still below historical highs.” Alternatively, the abortion rate—including medication abortion—is rising annually. In 2020, medication abortion accounted for 53% of all abortions that are recorded, though we can be assured that not every abortion death is accurately counted.

We do not like statistics because we know that every innocent baby who dies by any type of abortion is a loss to humanity. She is a human being, not a statistic. But when we are looking at trends—that is, homicide versus abortion killing—the numbers do tell a story. The dehumanization of the preborn baby has crept upward with the passing of each year regardless of the incremental attempts of the pro-life movement to regulate it or eliminate some of it.

Politically, we see this all the time. Governor Ron DeSantis is a politician who claims to be pro-life but who signed a heartbeat bill into law. This bill prohibits abortion after six weeks gestation with exceptions for women who “are victims of rape, incest and human trafficking, or whose baby has a devastating diagnosis of a fatal fetal abnormality.”

Note that not only is the Florida law flawed but it will have no effect on babies killed by the abortion pill because that pill is not noted in the legislation. Thus, the babies will continue to die, law or no law.

Some might say that it is an extreme position for us to call out lawmakers who claim to be doing their best, but we wonder. If the bodies of all those babies who had died by chemical means or because of one of the legal exceptions in the law were piled high in the streets so that Americans could see them, would the nation condone even a single abortion?

Would we approve OTC handguns—no license, background check, or age limit required? Of course not!

Switchblades in vending machines? Lord, no!

So why can’t we declare that when it comes to killing preborn human beings, OTC is as deadly as prescription or surgical killing and we will have none of it?