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Neil Gorsuch, the Constitution, and the Culture of Death

By Judie Brown

Judge Neil Gorsuch is facing the same sort of opposition that Judge Robert Bork (1927-2012) confronted in 1987. Judge Bork’s nomination was defeated, not because of his qualifications, but because of his “judicial philosophy and temperament.”

Today, Gorsuch appears to be receiving the same sort of hostility from those who cannot tolerate judges who read and understand the Constitution. The only difference between the Bork scenario 30 years ago and Gorsuch’s today is that the vehemence of those vested in the culture of death is far more hostile.

For example, on the cable news network MSNBC, correspondent Chris Jansing “advanced a radical pro-abortion sentiment” as she took issue with Gorsuch’s position that “human life is fundamentally and inherently valuable and the taking of life by private persons is always wrong.” The network is clearly in the pocket of the abortion cartel!

CNN legal analyst Joan Biskupic worries about Gorsuch as well, quoting from Gorsuch’s book on assisted suicide in which he wrote: “Abortion would be ruled out by the inviolability-of-life principle . . . if, but only if, a fetus is considered a human life. The Supreme Court in Roe (v. Wade), however, unequivocally held that a fetus is not a ‘person’ for purposes of constitutional law.”

In the same fashion, a Times reporter suggests that, during the hearings, one of the senators should ask Gorsuch:

“Do you hold that the original meaning of the Constitution’s equal protection clause recognizes the fetus as a constitutional person?”

[He continues] If he answers yes, this would mark a sharp break with abortion jurisprudence and would require a follow-up: “Do you hold that abortion rights are so fundamental to case law precedent that you would decline to protect the constitutional personhood of the fetus?”

Of course, the judge should decline to answer this based on the fact that he might actually hear such a case if his nomination succeeds. But the point is that Gorsuch’s opponents fear that he might understand the actual meaning of the equal protection clause as applying to every human being from his beginning.

CNN laments about the possibility of a Gorsuch nomination as well, publishing an article that stated that he could lead the Supreme Court in the “wrong direction” on issues like immigration law, the environment, and others: “Even though Gorsuch is not a Scalia clone, things are likely to be pretty bad on these key issues, because Gorsuch is likely to vote like Scalia, and the court with Scalia already was moving in a very bad direction.”

Additionally, Oregon Live warns that Gorsuch “is a threat to Oregon’s death with dignity.” In an opinion piece written by a physician, the doctor suggests that statements in Gorsuch’s book The Future of Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia should be “chilling to supporters of medical aid-in-dying laws in the District of Columbia and 6 states, as well as bills authorizing this end-of-life care option introduced in 24 other states since January. The reason? If the U.S. Senate confirms Gorsuch, he could be the swing vote in a ruling banning this medical practice nationwide.”

The Chicago Tribune warns that Gorsuch is a threat to women’s access to birth control. And even off-the-wall organizations like the vile Lady Parts Justice are in on the act, spewing vitriol via a podcast.

All this opposition has occurred because Gorsuch is an honest man and a prudent judge.

Senator Charles Schumer has warned that the Democrats in the Senate will do all they can to stop this nomination. So we must do all we can to press on, working hard to let each senator know that Judge Neil Gorsuch is worthy of their vote.

For details on actions you can take, please visit the Pro-Life Court website, endorsed by American Life League.

We must return our country to a culture of life. Make your voice heard.


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