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Murder As A Choice

As things heat up in South Dakota, the pro-abortion crowd is beginning to discuss new language to better describe, or should I say, obfuscate the reality of what abortion really is. 

Planned Parenthood's pollster, Al Quinlan, told the media that South Dakota people don't see it as a choice … they view it as a right they should have…'Choice' carries a meaning that works against us."

Others of equally skewed thinking suggest that equating access to aborting a child with a "right" helps link "reproductive issues" to civil rights or human rights.

As ridiculous as this might sound to any thinking person, I see the problem as far more serious, and as embedding itself in the pro-life psyche as well.

You see, the problem with the word jockeys is really everybody's problem these days. Words must mean what we say they mean, not what someone else feels more comfortable hearing. Let me explain.

Few pro-lifers say abortion is an act that kills a child prior to birth. That sounds harsh. Few pro-lifers point out that abortion is usually sought because someone else (a mother) simply does not want the child. That sounds hurtful to the woman.

Well, truth is truth, and facts are facts. So while the abortion promoters get even more outrageous in their efforts to disguise what an abortion truly is, pro-lifers better get busy setting forth the truth instead of dancing around to avoid being harsh or appearing to lack sensitivity. The babies need to be defended because they are human beings; not ignored for the sake of decorum or political favor.