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Miscarriage of justice

Commentary by Judie Brown

Last Thursday, I read a series of news reports that brought me face to face with the tragic consequences of more than 30 years of unabated abuse – of drugs, the English language and the preborn child. The reports dealt with various situations, but all contain a common theme.

The first of these reports centered on a drug that is legal in America, a drug belonging to the general class of birth control and/or abortion drugs. The ongoing presence of these drugs in America’s medicine cabinet is costing this nation a great deal. The news reports tell the tale.

Manishkumar Patel is a man of some renown in Wisconsin. He has been involved sexually with a woman who is not his wife and has, on at least two occasions that we know about, used powdered RU-486, mixed into his girlfriend’s food, to end the lives of preborn children he did not want. Patel is not a poor man in the economic sense. However, he is a man who apparently has little regard for the human dignity of persons in general, be it his wife, his girlfriend or his preborn children.

In the wake of the grisly deaths of two innocent children, the question arises as to how the man actually acquired the pills in the first place. The news report said Patel is from India and is in the United States on a green card. He has many contacts in India and asked one of them how to end a pregnancy. The friend was able to supply the pills, so that Patel could keep them on hand for “emergencies” such as the existence of the child being carried by his girlfriend.

So how did the pills get into this country when it is illegal to send drugs from one country to another? I think America’s problem with illegal drugs coming across our borders in so many other instances answers that question and we need not dwell on it here. But what we should be considering is the manner in which one father was able, not once but twice, to assure the death of his own child.

We normally hear of mothers who do not want their children and thus arrange for their deaths in utero, but is it not rare for a father to do this? I would suggest to you that it is not and that perhaps the Patel case is but the tip of the iceberg in America.

What Patel did to two of his own children, causing their deaths by using an abortion drug that is legally protected in America, is almost identical to what an abortionist does in doling out those pills to mothers who want to bring about the death of their children. The only difference in Patel’s situation is that it was not the mother who wanted the baby to die; it was the father.

Manishkumar Patel has been criminally charged with attempted first-degree intentional homicide of an unborn child. One news report quoted court commissioner Brian Figy as calling the crime “devious, diabolical and deceiving.” He set Patel’s bail at $750,000.

This is yet another chapter in the story of America’s inability to deal honestly with the truth that a unique human person exists from the instant his life begins at fertilization.

If the judicial system were to be perfectly honest rather than “devious, diabolical and deceiving,” there would be a series of criminal charges brought against doctors who kill preborn children for any reason during pregnancy and with any instrument or chemical in their arsenal.

There would be multitudinous criminal charges brought against pharmaceutical companies which continue to deny that their birth control concoctions act as abortion-causing chemicals.

The courts would be filled with cases leveled against associations of medical professionals and so-called women’s health groups that have chosen to redefine when a pregnancy begins. The definition of “pregnancy” was changed for the express purpose of not having to tell women that their birth control method of choice is actually a killer of innocent children. Under this deceptive definition, pregnancy begins when the new human being implants in the mother’s womb; never mind the inconvenient fact that this brand new person’s life actually began a week or so earlier at fertilization.

There would also be lawsuit after lawsuit against the men who so blithely go through their lives fulfilling their own sexual needs by making certain that the female of their choice is properly using the chemical or device that releases him from any culpability should a child come on the scene.

These examples represent a cultural problem that exists because of “devious, diabolical and deceiving” influences. But the justice system in America consistently turns a blind eye on any of these crimes because, after all, abortion and its progeny are legal in the United States of America. Therefore, there is no crime.

That is precisely why, I fear, Manishkumar Patel will probably get off scot free – or close to it. America’s judicial system discriminates against an entire class of human beings and it does so consistently, day in and day out, denying that the act of abortion takes the life of an innocent child. So how tough can they really be on Patel? We shall see.

In Virginia, on the same day that the Patel story erupted in Wisconsin, we learned that Daniel Riase, who punched his girlfriend in the stomach, thus causing the death of her preborn child, was sentenced to five years in jail. What if the child had been two years old? Would his life have been worth more? Would the killer have gotten life?

And what about the headline that told us there is no reason to re-examine the chemicals in the Gardasil vaccine, even though 28 mothers have miscarried their babies after getting it? The Gardasil vaccine is alleged to protect women from human papilloma virus. Are those 28 babies simply the price those mothers had to pay for being chemically protected from a sexually transmitted disease that would not occur at all if sexual relations were not taking place?

The culture of death is “devious, diabolical and deceiving.” The life of a preborn child in America has absolutely no value at all. The lives of countless women who have used chemicals and devices to avoid becoming mothers are of little concern as long as sexual gratification continues to trump chastity and the truth never reaches the front pages of the newspapers or the top of the news every night at six.

It’s hard for me to imagine the loss of even one innocent child due to the malice of those who refuse to acknowledge that every person has value from the instant his live begins. But it is even more disheartening to realize that while you and I may be devastated to learn of the deaths Patel has caused, or Riase has caused, or Gardasil has caused, an overwhelming percentage of the people of this nation don’t know about it, don’t care about it and don’t want to be inconvenienced by it.

Until the life of a single child prior to birth becomes as important to every American as a Christmas shopping list, a bridge date or a desire to satisfy every sexual whim, the body count will continue to rise.

While these examples show how a miscarriage of justice is a foregone conclusion, they also show why America’s pro-life population must be more persistent, more insistent and more consistent in demanding that any chemical, device or instrument that causes the death of an innocent human person prior to birth must be banned and criminalized as quickly as possible.

Release issued: 10 Dec 07