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Hello, Media? Criticizing the Facts Is Foolhardy!

By Judie Brown

Reading the press stories about Katy Talento, one of the Trump administration’s choices to serve on the Domestic Policy team, is like reading tales about the worst villain on the planet. The trouble is that members of the secular, progressive press have it all wrong—on purpose!

Talento is a professional with a background as “an infectious disease epidemiologist specializing in the control of mosquito-borne illnesses such as malaria and Dengue.” Her extensive background in epidemiology and her work with AIDS and other infectious diseases make her an excellent choice on topics relating to public health and welfare. But Talento is also outspokenly pro-life and that is where the rub is for our friends in the press.

Rewire news reports in its headline that “Trump Health-Care Hire Peddles Myths about Contraception.” This report suggests that Talento’s explanation that hormonal contraceptives—the pill—can cause abortions, miscarriages, and decreased fertility are false claims. But Rewire’s sources for its allegations are as bad as its reporting: “The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) says that oral contraceptives do not have any effect on early pregnancy loss. Studies have confirmed that long-term oral contraceptive use has no impact on fertility. Though conservatives often claim that some forms of contraceptives are ‘abortifacients,’ these methods prevent pregnancy and do not cause abortion.”

Well, ACOG certainly has a vested interest in perpetuating the corporate falsehood that birth control chemicals such as the morning-after pill and others do not cause abortion. But they are wrong.

Furthermore, the record is clear that contraceptive chemicals can cause future miscarriages and fertility problems. All it takes to understand these scientific facts is a bit of honesty, not propaganda laced with political overtones.

Salon writer Amanda Marcotte wrote about Talento, defining those who agree with her scientific arguments as “sex scolds.” Marcotte opines: “Talento’s half-baked arguments are a classic example of a conclusion looking for an argument. The only reason to cherry-pick a couple of bad studies or arguments, while ignoring the scientific consensus that the pill is safe and effective, is because you don’t like women using it and you’re trying to come up with some nonsense to deter them. And the only reason not to have women take the pill is because you think it makes it too darn easy to have sex.”

Wow! Where do we even begin sorting this diatribe out for you?

In a nutshell, it is clear that Marcotte has to rely on politically motivated meaningless sop, “consensus” (a word I love to hate), and descriptions such as “half-baked” because like so many others in her profession, she will go to any length necessary to avoid the obvious science in such matters.

So let’s do this one more time.

When does a human being begin? He begins at his biological beginning—the moment when a human embryo IS a human being with his own DNA. Seven to eight days later, when this individual implants in the uterine wall of his mother, he will still retain his individuality and continue to grow, unless, of course, some chemical or device takes his life. That is called abortion.

Because the proponents of killing children prior to birth do not like these distinguishing characteristics of a person’s scientific development, they choose words that demean the person speaking the truth instead of admitting that they themselves are marketing falsehoods. Such individuals have a devotion to deviant sexual practices that blinds them to the beauty of nature’s way of procreating human beings and welcoming children as the gifts they truly are.

For them, contraceptive methods are a free pass that allow them to avoid taking responsibility for their actions.

But no matter how many insults are slung or how many lies are told, nothing changes the facts. A human being begins at his biological beginning.

Let’s hope the foolhardy get that point, and sooner rather than later.


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