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Believe All Women?

By Judie Brown

This is not a rhetorical question! It is a rallying cry for feminists these days. Yet it was a New York Times editorial writer who pointed out that “‘trust but verify’ may not have the same ring as ‘believe all women.’ But it’s a far better policy.”

Not only that, but as these women of the “Me Too” movement continue to grab attention with their sad stories, there is an underlying problem with the “believe all women” mantra that deserves to be exposed. You see, a lot of these same women have deceived us for so long on so many fronts that it is hard to fathom a situation where anyone would summarily believe all women, let alone trust them.

One writer even submits that growing evidence suggests that many women lie about sexual assault. Their goal is often to seek revenge, knowing that there are rarely any consequences for them if they choose to deceive.

And as we saw in the case of Justice Kavanaugh, for example, some women who make such unsubstantiated claims are praised to high heaven for speaking out, even when their stories prove to be utterly false.

I find this equally true of the women who tell us they are willing to shout out about their abortions, even though we know that abortion kills a human being—a child who was procreated by two people. Yet the very woman who is that baby’s mother now says she is proud to have killed her baby.

Amy Clark wrote of the “Believe All Women” effort: “You do not speak for me. I do not give you that authority, and I certainly do not cede my autonomy as an American citizen to the current hashtag mob-mentality.”

Her statement reminds me of the reasons why we could never believe Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. This is the woman who recently said that “everyone has a ‘moral responsibility to ensure all children of God are treated with compassion and decency.” Trouble is, she is lying. Pelosi, who claims to be Catholic, is an ardent supporter of abortion for children of both genders. Clearly she does not believe what she spouts, so why should we?

In addition, we see Leana Wen, MD, newly elected president of Planned Parenthood, who has openly embraced one lie after another. Are we supposed to believe this woman who says that her organization provides “life-saving, life-changing care” but ignores the more than 320,000 babies Planned Parenthood has killed by abortion during the last year alone?

It is painfully clear that those who support abortion are not willing to believe the women who used their common sense to seek reversal of the effects of the RU-486 abortion pill once they change their minds and decide that they really do want to carry their babies to term. These women, as heroic as they are for ultimately choosing to let their babies live, do not fit under the mantra created by the female women haters of the “Believe All Women” crowd.

“Believe All Women” is a sham! If we think about it for a millisecond, it is easy to see that many of the people who advocate for the “Me Too” movement are the same people who cover up the sexual abuse of minors and allege that preborn babies are not really babies at all, just inconvenient problems.

It is time to face the facts. Abortion does kill, and far too many of our fellow Americans—both men and women—deceive us on a daily basis and twist the truth.

We believe in God and His laws; we do not believe all women—or all men!


Learn the facts and spread the truth.