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Remembering Professor Charles Rice (1931 - 2015)
2015.02.26 - 2:00pm - Judie Brown
I was sincerely saddened and moved to tears upon hearing of the passing of my dear friend, Professor Charles Rice. From the first days of American Life League’s founding in 1979, Professor Rice was there at our side, guiding our principles, explaining the natural law, and exposing the ways manmade laws stood in the way of saving all the babies. He never disappointed us or ignored our nearly constant pleas for help and advice. He was the driving force behind the early language of what we call the personhood imperative. He and Nellie Gray led the way with style and intellectual honesty from the start.

Of all the books Dr. Rice wrote, we were especially grateful for No Exception: A Pro-Life Imperative. This book was so succinct and clear in the natural law principles Rice enunciated that it was impossible not to understand the no exceptions position once the book was digested. From 1990, when it was first published, it was required reading for every newly hired American Life League staff member. To this day there is no other book like it, but then again, there is no other man of the integrity and tough-mindedness that was Dr. Rice's hallmark. read more...
Culture of Life Studies Program
The amnesty and abortion conundrum
2015.02.25 - 1:15pm - Rey Flores
As the Obama administration continues to tear down borders and allow millions of undocumented and parentless immigrant minors into our country, he isn’t just letting them in for free. He is asking them to pay for his supposed generosity with their eternal souls.

And it’s not just the immigrant youth and women who must pay with their souls. read more...
The death penalty is 'cruel and unusual punishment,' but you can starve patients to death
2015.02.23 - 10:00am - Bobby Schindler
Recently, the United States Supreme Court announced it would review the procedure for lethal injection used for death row inmates across the nation and whether or not that procedure is unconstitutional. According to the report, “cruel and unusual” punishment concerns have been raised after a few executions didn’t go as planned, violating the rights of the person being executed.

It’s too bad my sister Terri Schiavo wasn’t on death row. She would have been treated with more compassion and the laws would have offered her better protection. read more...
Celebrate Life Magazine
Suffering contains a call to become more like Christ
2015.02.18 - 11:00am - Mark Davis Pickup
There was a change in how I viewed being chronically ill for more than three decades. I cannot pinpoint when it happened; the change progressed gradually over time. No longer did I see my incurable sickness and handicap as a curse but as a blessing disguised as misfortune.

What began with the question “why?” became anger that no answer seemed forthcoming. Eventually the anger simmered and cooled into acceptance and finally acceptance was followed by peace and anticipation. read more...
Hating speech that stops the hating
2015.02.12 - 10:00am - Kurt Kondrich
There seems to be an endless supply of stories in the news today about efforts across our nation to remove the Ten Commandments from public places. Why do people in our society have so much hate directed at a list of rules that stop hatred? What is so offensive about rules for civilized human conduct that tell us not to murder, steal, lie, desire something wrongfully, commit adultery, and direct us to respect our parents? 

We are bombarded daily via all forms of media with images of violence, depravity, offensive behavior and foul words, and I do not see focused efforts to remove these visuals from our communities. As a former police officer, I can honestly say that if people followed the 10 Commandments we would see an unprecedented drop in the crime rate and a safer, brighter world for everyone. We hear a lot today about “hate speech,” and when you examine the 10 Commandments you could accurately categorize these dictates as “love speech.” read more...
San Antonio coalition cries foul after temporary injunction against Planned Parenthood denied
2015.02.11 - 9:00am - Rita Diller
A San Antonio coalition organized to stop the opening of Planned Parenthood’s 22,000 square foot flagship abortion mega-center is crying foul. On Thursday, January 29, district judge Sol Casseb III denied a temporary injunction that would have blocked the issuance of a certificate of occupancy for the abortion center at 2140 Babcock Road. The center is projected to open March 1, according to testimony by the Planned Parenthood CEO. 

The hearing took an odd twist from the very beginning, when attorneys for the city of San Antonio and Planned Parenthood pointed out to Judge Renee McElhaney Yanta that San Antonio Family Association supports the lawsuit. The attorneys implied Judge Yanta should step down from the case because she previously had “liked” the Facebook page of SAFA. read more...