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A blessing in disguise: one mother's pregnancy
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The tenth anniversary of Terri Schiavo's death penalty
2015.03.31 - 10:00am - Mark Mostert
In Florida, persons condemned to death have a choice of how their death sentence will be carried out. The condemned have the option of electrocution or the less spectacular (and presumably less painful) lethal injection. This, of course, is after all their appeals have been exhausted.

One thing is certain: people are executed by the state as punishment for heinous and reprehensible crimes. Nobody gets the death penalty for speeding or shoplifting. read more...
Culture of Life Studies Program
Catholic Schools Are 'Vehicles' of Pro-Life Movement, Say Pro-Life Leaders
2015.03.27 - 10:00am - The Cardinal Newman Society
With a growing emphasis on the Church's pro-life teachings in Catholic education and demand for pro-life curricula, Catholic schools have the opportunity to become indispensable “vehicles” in the pro-life movement, said The Cardinal Newman Society’s Dr. Jamie Arthur. read more...
Basketball, contraception, and our nation's future
2015.03.27 - 9:00am - Jim Sedlak
March Madness! It’s that time of year again when college basketball teams are vying for the national title and almost everyone gets involved. Discussions turn to “brackets,” and the hype can be felt everywhere. Even the president of the United States created his own bracket and is following the action.

And urologists across the country are gearing up for the madness! read more...
Celebrate Life Magazine
Built on lies: The pill kills truth
2015.03.26 - 9:00am - Rita Diller
From its earliest days, the development, research, and promotion of the pill were built on lies. The lies continue today. Women are irreparably harmed by those lies. Children are killed by those lies. Families are ripped apart by those lies. And society hangs in the balance because America has not been told the truth. As American Life League gears up for our 2015 Pill Kills National Day of Action on June 6, we will shed light on the lies that surround the pill and the resultant contraceptive culture—and we will expose the truth. Here are four ways that the pill kills truth.

1. Researchers lied about the purpose of the initial studies and gave the pill to mental patients without direct consent. When human trials of the pill began in 1954, Dr. Gregory Pincus and Dr. John Rock undertook a birth control study funded by Planned Parenthood. They lied and claimed that the study was about infertility. Fifty female infertility patients volunteered for the study, but the pill was also given to 12 female and 16 male psychiatric patients without their direct consent. read more...
The secular 'Twilight Zone'
2015.03.25 - 1:00pm - Rey Flores
Cue Twilight Zone music and pan into Rod Serling smoking a cigarette. His voice resonates: “Picture if you will, a Catholic teacher in a Catholic high school in a free country that affords us the right to free speech and freedom of religion. Now picture her being censored, admonished, and eventually fired from her teaching job.”

He continues, “Picture if you will, as well, the Saint Patrick’s Day parade in New York City. This is an annual celebration where, for decades, Catholic Irish-Americans celebrate their most revered saint who, legend has it, drove the snakes out of Ireland. But today, it is the snakes of sin that are driving the Catholics away from their own parade. You have just entered The Secular Twilight Zone.” read more...
Parents the primary educators of their children
2015.03.24 - 10:00am - Dr. Thomas Ward
It is a challenge to our families to replace today’s dominant culture of death with all its attacks on human normality: on life, love, sexuality, marriage, family, and indeed Christianity itself. A culture enforced on our families at home and brutally imposed upon the families in poor countries abroad. It is also a culture of planned demographic collapse.

The only protectors of children from the imposition of the values of this culture are their parents, their primary educators who, as in Germany and Sweden, will increasingly have little moral alternative to civil disobedience and imprisonment. read more...