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Obama admin pushing use of aborted baby cells for Ebola vaccine
2014.10.23 - 12:00am - One News Now
A pro-life outreach group is ripping President Barack Obama and his administration for endorsing the use of cell lines extracted from aborted babies to develop Ebola vaccines, even though the government conceded that using moral alternatives - such as plant and animal cells - would be just as effective.

Already labeled as the “abortion president” earlier this year by a leading voice in the Christian community, Dr. James Dobson, Obama is expected to receive added criticism regarding his handling of the Ebola crisis considering his positioning on the sanctity of human life. His administration’s latest decision to back the use of aborted fetal cells is coming under fire from Children of God for Life and other conservative and Christian groups that advocate the morally responsible development of vaccines. read more...
A line has been crossed: It's time to sound the alarm on religious liberty
2014.10.23 - 12:00am - LifeSiteNews
Last week I told you that Houston’s Mayor, Annise Parker, demanded to see the sermons of a group of five pastors and threatened them with a subpoena. Why? Because the pastors had objected to a new so-called “equal rights” ordinance that would allow self-identified “transgendered” men to use women’s restrooms.

That’s an issue all its own. But as bad as that is, the Houston mayor’s shocking and outrageous trampling on the religious liberty of these pastors is far, far more disturbing.  In fact, for someone in government to demand that pastors turn over their sermons is almost beyond belief. I confess I almost thought I was reading something out of my own book on Dietrich Bonhoeffer, where I describe how the Gestapo tried to harass and intimidate Martin Niemoller and other German pastors speaking the truth from their pulpits. read more...
Jumbotron prompts Alamo standoff between anti-abortion activists, city officials
2014.10.23 - 12:00am - MySanAntonio.com
San Antonio police and city officials blocked anti-abortion activists Wednesday from bringing a projection screen onto Alamo Plaza to display graphic images of late-term abortions.

Created Equal, an Ohio-based group working with San Antonio-based Love of Truth Ministries, had acquired a permit from the city for the demonstration in August. read more...
Who Will Speak for Brittany Maynard's Life?
2014.10.22 - 12:00am - Rob Gasper
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Rob Gasper October 22, 2014 540-659-4171 | e-mail:    Who Will Speak for Brittany Maynard’s Life? President of American Life League issues statement read more...
Keeping hope when all seems hopeless
2014.10.22 - 12:00am - Rey Flores
I’m not sure about you, but sometimes at the end of the day, I just seem to run out of air. I feel like someone has taken the wind out of me and the world’s problems have become too much to bear.

The news media continually reports about all of these frightful things such as Christians being systematically exterminated in the Middle East, or the developing and seemingly manufactured Ebola crisis that has so many people worrying unnecessarily. read more...
CNN Analyst Turns Activist: 'We Should Have Death With Dignity Laws'
2014.10.21 - 12:00am - NewsBusters
CNN legal analyst Mel Robbins acted as an activist for a liberal cause on Monday's CNN Newsroom as the network covered the debate over euthanasia: "I disagree with the 45 states that make it illegal. I think that we should have death with dignity laws." Robbins later played up that "this is happening behind closed doors, and that's why I thinkthese laws are important – to bring it out of the shadows." read more...