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Driving to Nebraska: Cinema, human dignity, and the elderly
2014.09.18 - 10:00am - Daniel Ross Goodman
Is it possible for a film that was nominated for six Oscars, was directed by one of Hollywood’s most highly regarded filmmakers, and features a career-best performance by one of the best actors of his generation to be overlooked? In the case of Nebraska (2013), the answer is yes.

Directed by Alexander Payne and featuring stalwart character actor Bruce Dern in a performance that garnered him his first-ever Academy Award nomination for Best Performance by a Leading Actor, Nebraska was one of the surprise standouts of last year’s crop of Oscar-season films. The movie is shot in crisp black-and-white, simultaneously conveying the grimness of the forlorn Midwest landscape and also lending the film, in the words of its director, an “iconic, archetypal look.” A quiet and subdued film, Nebraska imparts an important reminder of every person’s intrinsic human dignity, honestly portraying one man’s struggle to care for his aging parents in a way that reflects that dignity. read more...
Planned Parenthood: An enemy of the family
2014.09.17 - 10:00am - Rob Gasper
Instrumentum Laboris, the Vatican’s working document for the upcoming Extraordinary Synod on the Family, identifies the leading challenges facing the modern family. Planned Parenthood is not named specifically in this document. However, it should be, for it is easy to demonstrate that the evil designs of Planned Parenthood fall into nearly every category of threats to the family that this document proposes. 

One section in particular highlights five forces of external pressure on families. These external forces, including excessive work, migration, poverty, consumerism, and the Church’s weakening moral credibility, are shown in the document to contribute toward the degradation and dissolution of the family. These are true areas of pressure, but to be complete, the document should expand to identify the International Planned Parenthood Federation—and its country affiliates—as the root cause of the most serious of the family’s problems. read more...
Catholic Relief Services: We're 'proud' that we don't discuss faith
2014.09.17 - 12:00am - LifeSiteNews
While some pro-life activists are criticizing Catholic Relief Services (CRS) after a high-ranking executive said last month that the agency is “proud” they do not discuss faith with the people they serve, CRS itself is defending the statement, saying it was misinterpreted. 

The controversy began when Bill O’Keefe, CRS’ vice-president for government relations and advocacy, told CNN’s Belief Blog, “We assist people of all backgrounds and religions and we do not attempt to engage in discussions of faith." read more...
GAO report shows how Obamacare subsidizes abortion
2014.09.17 - 12:00am - Washington Examiner
In a country evenly divided on abortion, there's broad agreement that pro-lifers shouldn't be forced to subsidize abortion.Obamacare shreds this notion of conscience protection.

Again and again, during the congressional debate, Obamacare defenders promised: Obamacare subsidies won't subsidize abortion; customers will be able to choose insurance plans that don't cover abortion; Obamacare subsidies, if they want to pay for abortion coverage, will be billed separately. read more...
Deluge of criticism after abortion funding revealed in health care law
2014.09.17 - 12:00am - EWTN
Pro-life groups have responded forcefully to a new report finding that despite promises from President Barack Obama, more than 1,000 health care plans under the Affordable Care Act cover abortion.

“[T]he President issued an executive order on March 24, 2010 that said: ‘the Act maintains current Hyde Amendment restrictions governing abortion policy and extends those restrictions to newly created health insurance exchanges’,” Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.) stated on Tuesday. “It turns out that those ironclad promises made by the President himself are absolutely untrue. read more...
Planned Parenthood offers birth control, STD services online
2014.09.16 - 12:00am - Star Tribune
Planned Parenthood is now making house calls.  The agency announced Wednesday that it has launched a pilot project in Minnesota and Washington state for clients to get birth control services online and soon will be adding counseling for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) that includes a mail-order, do-it-yourself treatment kit for those who need it. The online service has been up and running for about a week in both states, two of Planned Parenthood’s larger offices nationwide. The service connects patients to a Planned Parenthood provider through a secure video portal. Mobile apps are available. read more...