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Planned Parenthood to open $9 million abortion facility in NYC, 'the abortion capital of the world'
2014.10.21 - 12:00am - LifeSiteNews
Planned Parenthood is about to bring a mammoth new abortion facility to Queens, New York City, sometimes called the abortion capital of the world because of its high abortion rate.

Planned Parenthood official Joan Malin told The New York Times that the facility, which will cost $9 million to build, will perform 17,500 abortions a year when it is complete. Malin also said that Planned Parenthood's patient visits in the city's other boroughs have gone up by 26 percent since 2008. read more...
Knoxville amendment 1 opponents march on stilts for women's rights
2014.10.21 - 12:00am - WATE.com
A group of marchers spoke out against Amendment 1 holding a walk starting at Planned Parenthood on North Church Street ending in Market Square. Some participants walked on stilts in the event dubbed “Standing Tall for Women's Rights.” "When you stand up on stilts people pay attention,” Jake Weinstein said. “People ask you what is going on."Weinstein is part of the sponsoring group, the Riverside Community Catholic Worker, and is also a nurse. read more...
CNN Analyst Turns Activist: 'We Should Have Death With Dignity Laws'
2014.10.21 - 12:00am - NewsBusters
CNN legal analyst Mel Robbins acted as an activist for a liberal cause on Monday's CNN Newsroom as the network covered the debate over euthanasia: "I disagree with the 45 states that make it illegal. I think that we should have death with dignity laws." Robbins later played up that "this is happening behind closed doors, and that's why I thinkthese laws are important – to bring it out of the shadows." read more...
Homily for the 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time
2014.10.20 - 9:00am - Father William Kuchinsky
On this mountain the LORD of hosts will provide for all peoples a feast of rich food and choice wines—juicy, rich food; and pure, choice wines.

Wow! Not just rich food and choice wines, but JUICY rich food and PURE, choice wines. Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it? read more...
Pope beatifies Paul VI at remarkable synod's end
2014.10.20 - 12:00am - Philly.com
Pope Francis on Sunday beatified Pope Paul VI, concluding the remarkable meeting of bishops debating family issues that drew parallels to the tumultuous reforms of the Second Vatican Council that Paul oversaw and implemented.

Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI was on hand for the Mass, which took place just hours after Catholic bishops approved a document charting a more pastoral approach to ministering to Catholic families. read more...
Babies born alive during abortion will receive no help from the Council of Europe, documents show
2014.10.20 - 12:00am - Rob Gasper
The Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe is unwilling to take up the issue of babies who are born alive and left to die or killed after an unsuccessful late-term abortion.

Reports from medical workers suggest that many of children born alive during botched abortions are “evacuated” along with hospital waste or left to die in another hospital room or in a storeroom, despite signs of life. Others receive lethal injections or are smothered. read more...