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Why I do this job
2015.05.04 - 10:00am - Melissa Pena
Working at American Life League, I frequently encounter one of two reactions when I talk to someone else about where I work. Those opposed tend to offer a look of disgust, while those supportive often offer a sympathetic look and a remark such as “God bless you; I would not be able to work on such depressing topics.”

At first, I took these sympathetic remarks in stride, but lately I have pushed back against them since I love my job! I wake up every morning knowing I can make a difference by educating and saving lives. Don’t get me wrong; these topics can be hard to work with. And yes, there are days I go home a little defeated when a bill does not pass that can save women and children. And every time I hear women talk about their horrifying abortion stories, my heart breaks. read more...
Culture of Life Studies Program
Hawaii legislator and families protest in streets as Planned Parenthood tries to force kindergarten sex ed
2015.04.30 - 10:00am - Rita Diller
As Planned Parenthood tries every trick in the book to derail parents’ rights to direct the education of children in Hawaii, families are taking to the streets to send a loud, clear message: Stay out of our children’s lives!

On April 24, families dressed in white—to represent children’s innocence—marched on the capitol in opposition to mandatory sex instruction for children as young as five years old. read more...
John Allen has turned the whole thing on its head
2015.04.29 - 9:00am - Rob Gasper
In his recent Crux piece entitled “Catholics around the World Can’t Afford ‘Luxury Issues,’” John Allen claims that “fuss[ing]” about scandals concerning Catholic identity is primarily the pastime of affluent cultures and churches. The rest of the world, Allen says, is too busy dealing with gruesome beheadings and crushing poverty to have time to even think about such trivial matters. 

The scandal that Allen referenced in particular is the ongoing story concerning Richard Estridge, vice president of overseas finance at Catholic Relief Services. The Lepanto Institute revealed last week that Estridge entered into a homosexual “marriage” in 2013 and has been quite outspoken in his homosexual activism on social media. read more...
Celebrate Life Magazine
Why Catholic schools should not participate in March of Dimes fundraisers
2015.04.23 - 1:00pm - Rita Diller
American Life League often receives requests for information about March of Dimes when Catholic schools are asked to participate in fundraising events to help “the babies” or to help fight birth defects. Those are things most everyone would want to do. But there are deep-seated, long-existing problems that parents and school administrators should know about when it comes to March of Dimes.

The history of March of Dimes is riddled with a commitment to eugenics. Randy Engel, head of the Michael Fund, points out that commitment read more...