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Colorado Democrats give up abortion fight
2014.04.17 - 9:00am - 9News
A bill offered by Democrats aimed at guarding against restrictions of abortion was laid over until May 8, effectively killing the bill.

Senate Democrats abandoned their own proposal Wednesday amid fears they wouldn't have the votes to pass the measure, which would have banned any state regulation of reproductive rights. read more...
Hospital let 22-week preemie die despite mother's urgent pleas
2014.04.17 - 9:00am - LifeSiteNews
A UK hospital has apologized to a woman four years after doctors and staff let her 22-week premature son die in her arms within an hour of being born, despite the mother’s urgent pleas for help.

Tracy Godwin, who in 2010 held her newborn son Tom for 46 minutes before he ceased breathing, said she was never told about the hospital’s policy stating that babies born before 23 weeks would be left to die. read more...
Judge overturns North Dakota law banning most abortions
2014.04.17 - 9:00am - CNN
A federal judge ruled Wednesday that North Dakota's abortion law, considered one of the most restrictive in the nation, is unconstitutional.

The law banned most abortions after six weeks, when a fetal heartbeat can be first detected. read more...
The Tree of Life
2014.04.16 - 10:00am - Michael Hichborn
In the Garden of Eden, as all Christians know, Adam and Eve brought the curse of death upon all mankind by eating the fruit from the tree forbidden by God—the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The tree was in the center of the garden, was beautiful to look at, and produced fruit that appeared desirable. But God had told Adam and Eve that if they ate the fruit of this tree, they would die. And the devil, in his cunning, tempted Eve to eat this fruit by saying, “What is this talk of death? God knows well that as soon as you eat this fruit your eyes will be opened, and you yourselves will be like gods, knowing good and evil.” So, Adam and Eve ate the fruit and immediately became aware of their sin, and as God had warned, their punishment was indeed death. 

But there was a second tree in the garden that is little discussed. After failing to resist the temptation from the serpent, Adam and Eve received the curses brought about by their sinful deeds and God banished them from the garden with good reason. read more...
Repeat Abortions Climb with Increased Contraceptive Use: UK Government Stats
2014.04.16 - 9:00am - LifeSiteNews
The British government has released statistics showing that while the teen pregnancy and abortion rates are dropping, the number of girls and women having repeat abortions continues to climb alongside steady increases in the use of artificial contraceptives.

According to the Society for the Protection of Unborn Citizens, the statistics show that giving more contraceptives to young girls will lead to more abortions. read more...
Notre Dame Alumni: Fr. Jenkins Comments on HHS Mandate 'Startling'
2014.04.16 - 9:00am - Cardinal Newman Society
Notre Dame alumni group Sycamore Trust recently contrasted the University’s claim in court that the HHS mandate “would require Notre Dame to commit scandal” with President Fr. John Jenkins’ comments from a recent student Town Hall event that, “I don’t see this as a scandal because we are not giving out contraceptives.”

At the beginning of this year, the University named after Our Lady announced it would comply with the mandate which requires employees of the University to be covered for abortifacients, contraception, and sterilization procedures. The University continues to seek relief from the HHS mandate in the courts. read more...