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Women on hormonal birth control more likely to find ugly men attractive: Study
2014.11.24 - 12:00am - LifeSiteNews
The birth control pill distorts a woman’s view of a potential mate, according to  a newly released study. Researchers found that women using hormonal contraceptives were more likely to find physically undesirable men attractive while on birth control, potentially leading to a rude awakening down the line when the hormones wear off and they realize they aren’t attracted to their husbands after all. read more...
'Yes to Life! No to Abortion!' Tens of Thousands March Against Abortion in Spain
2014.11.24 - 12:00am - Christian News
Months after tens of thousands marched in favor of abortion in Spain’s capital, tens of thousands marched against the practice on Saturday, threatening not to vote for the governing party during the next election if it does not outlaw abortion in the nation.

“Yes to life! No to abortion!” some of the thousands, who had been bused to Madrid from across the country, chanted outside of the headquarters of the Popular Party. Others held white flags bearing the phrase “every life counts.” An estimated 500 buses descended on the nation’s capital, bringing those who sought to speak up for life. read more...
Pro-life/family petition drives to keep Duggars on air quickly overwhelm homosexual petition
2014.11.24 - 12:00am - Jill Stanek
On August 20, homosexual activists launched a petition drive to get the Duggar family’s 19 Kids and Counting show kicked off TLC. The Duggars are open about their Biblical view that marriage should be between one man and one woman.

The homosexual campaign was slow going until the Duggars removed a photo of two men kissing from their Facebook page on November 11, this after encouraging married couples to post pictures of themselves kissing. read more...
6.3 million and one reasons to defund Planned Parenthood
2014.11.19 - 10:00am - Rob Gasper
According to Planned Parenthood’s latest annual report, it received 540.6 million in funding from the federal government. Each of those dollars was taken from the back pocket of a US taxpayer, so in effect the American people subsidize Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood has committed 6.3 million abortions in total as of 2012. In a sane world, 6.3 million innocent human lives snuffed out would be ample reason for the government to end all funding to the nation’s leading committer of abortion. However, Planned Parenthood is a maestro at orchestrating the cabal of confusion known as the mainstream media. Lies like “only three percent of Planned Parenthood’s ‘services’ are abortions,” and “the Hyde amendment does not allow for the funding of abortions” are waved at us like some sinister Jedi mind trick. read more...
Gates Foundation's new $1 injectable contraceptive for poor women is dangerous: critics
2014.11.19 - 12:00am - LifeSiteNews
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Big Pharma company Pfizer Inc. are teaming up to offer a contraceptive drug called Sayana Press, a watered-down version of Pfizer’s Depo Provera, at $1 a jab, which will usually prevent pregnancy if taken faithfully in three-month intervals.

As the web page for a Sayana Press pilot project reports, the contraceptive is “small, light, easy to use, and requires minimal training, making it especially suitable for community-based distribution—and potentially for women to administer themselves through self-injection,” thus saving them sometimes lengthy and arduous journeys for their injections of Depo Provera or other contraceptives by doctors. read more...
7 Beloved Famous People Who Were Wildly Pro-Eugenics
2014.11.19 - 12:00am - National Catholic Register
Eugenics traces its roots back to the late 19th century when Charles Darwin's cousin Sir Francis Galton coined the term. The theory is that human characteristics and afflictions could be bred out of the human race. It was all the rage in the early 20th century until Adolf Hitler came along and ruined all the fun for everyone.

Despite being debunked, today, eugenics still is going strong except people don't call it that. Recently, the Kenyan bishops seemed to have exposed an involuntary sterilization program there. And in India, eleven women recently died after a botched sterilization surgery. There have been reports women were bribed to undergo sterilization surgeries in India. read more...