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Blame the superhero?
2015.07.29 - 1:00pm - Melissa Pena
Why is it that sometimes good must suffer the consequences of evil? This question came to mind when I read about the possible legal trouble that David Daleiden might face for showing America the truth behind Planned Parenthood’s abortion policies and the selling of baby parts. 

If you haven’t followed the story, here is the brief background. In the last couple of weeks, David Daleiden, the president of Center for Medical Progress, has released three videos and multiple documents uncovering PP’s selling of baby parts. These videos are disturbing to say the least, but they are videos that every American should watch to understand what a preborn child goes through in his mother’s womb at the hands of PP. read more...
Culture of Life Studies Program
Evil incorporated v. freedom of speech
2015.07.27 - 11:00am - Hugh R. Brown
David Daleiden is president of the Center for Medical Progress. David and his courageous organization have recently released two undercover videos exposing the horrific truth that Planned Parenthood sells the “parts and pieces” of the children it murders through abortion for profit.

The outrage and indignation of the American media and Planned Parenthood’s allies in Congress are not at the horror of children in the womb being murdered and their “parts” being harvested for profit and sold as “specimens.” No, the insidious evil of Planned Parenthood is ingrained in the fabric of American popular culture and politics. Their feigned outrage is with David; how dare he expose their barbaric evil? The devil has been disturbed, and he and his servants do not like it. read more...
I can't 'celebrate' but it doesn't mean I hate you
2015.07.23 - 11:00am - Steve C. Craig
From left to right, the car’s bumper stickers read: “Hatred is Not a Family Value,” “Celebrate Diversity” (in rainbow colors), and “Obama-Biden.”

Collectively, these refreshed my growing fear that I should soon “celebrate” certain lifestyle choices or suffer the consequences. There was once another option, but memory of it is fading rapidly like an image in my rear view mirror. read more...
Celebrate Life Magazine
Every child has a right to be
2015.07.22 - 10:00am - Mark Davis Pickup
Every child has a right to be. Every child has a right to thrive and reach their full potential, whatever that may be. Adults in their world have a responsibility to make sure every opportunity is available to them to reach their potential. But this responsibility falls primarily with their mother and father.

It begins at the beginning, with good prenatal and postnatal care. Every child deserves good nutrition and clean air, decent housing, and education. Every child deserves access to quality medical care that includes preventive measures such as immunizations. Every child deserves encouragement and nurturing and, ideally, a family with a loving mother and father to guide them. They have a right to be included, and experience love, friendship, and kinship. read more...