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America’s Upside Down Problem

The headline in a recent moral-compass-for-women article by Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards screams “Reproductive Health Is More Than a ‘Woman’s Issue.’” In addition, the subtitle suggests that the Planned Parenthood brand of help for women means that “empowering women empowers families, communities, and our entire country.”

And so the latest onslaught begins, redefining how women are empowered. No longer is personal sanctity or faith in doing God’s will the key to happiness. Rather, women reach their potential by becoming slaves to sex, sin, and abortion. How these choices lead to empowering families, communities, and our entire country makes no sense at all, but then again, neither does much of what Richards preaches.

For Richards, the key to women’s success is, of course, Planned Parenthood’s services, which include contraception and abortion, not to mention advancing Planned Parenthood’s bottom line with practices such as the sale of baby body parts. No, Richards would not admit that, but give her argument some time to soak in and one can see that the trail she blazes is like a moral-free zone. Nothing is wrong, offensive, or otherwise unacceptable. Quite the contrary!

But that sort of thinking and marketing are exactly what make Planned Parenthood and its ilk so very dangerous to the nation’s moral backbone.

And Richards is not the only one selling crimes against humanity under the guise of empowering others.

Purveyors of assisted suicide are no better. Recently one Catholic bishop pointed that out quite eloquently. Rochester, New York’s, bishop Salvatore Matano said, “When we subjectively determine when life begins and ends, when it is viable or not, or when it is too burdensome to endure, we begin a path toward self-destruction. . . . Life is no longer precious, but just another commodity in the business of living. Relativism becomes the absolute, and even the value of life itself is questioned.”

As a reminder of the basic cause for the upside down problem America confronts today, let us understand that relativism is the acceptance of all things as being equally good, whether genuine or fake, whether harmful or healthy, whether wholesome or demeaning to the human person. In other words, everything is negotiable and all of it must be tolerated, which means that if you or I object to what is clearly wrong, deadly, or deceitful, it is we who are intolerant! That is the problem of relativism.

And that is the reality of what folks like Richards and others are selling.

One writer calls this “moral whiplash” and points out exactly what we are saying: “The breakneck pace at which the normalization of sin is occurring in our culture is giving me whiplash. So many shriek for tolerance, what about tolerating traditional values? I won’t hold my breath.”


Still don’t see it clearly? Well think about this. Aborting a child is an act that results in a death. So how can it be that in Oklahoma, when a recent bill criminalizing abortion reached the governor’s desk, a headline announced that “Legal Abortion Care Could Soon End in Oklahoma”? The state’s governor vetoed that bill, but my point is that in a sane, upright society nobody would dare equate an act of killing with care for anyone—born or preborn! Legal abortion does not involve care; it kills, whether we accept that fact or not.

These and countless other examples show us that, indeed, American culture is upside down. Bad is good, good is bad, and our children hear this new brand of theology everywhere. Take a stand. Defend the next generation against this irrational tidal wave. Get the facts by learning how to teach truth to children by using the tools created through American Life League’s Culture of Life Studies Program.

Only by taking steps that are wholesome, positive, and life-affirming can we solve America’s upside down problem and right a society hell-bent on destruction.


Combat the evil with truth! Join American Life League in defiance of the culture of our day—this culture of death. Through your actions and words, become a part of our movement to build a culture of life. Pray, be informed, and educate others.

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