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A Judge, a Preborn Child, and Justice

By Judie Brown

Let me begin by making one thing perfectly clear. We do not posit here any opinion of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford or Brett Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court nominee Ford accuses of sexual assault many years ago. Clearly God is the only one who knows the truth in this matter.

What we are concerned about is the manner in which Kavanaugh has become the target of arrows poisoned with the rancor of political operatives who will stop at nothing to protect abortion practices and other disgraceful acts perpetrated in the name of constitutional rights.

The viciousness and conniving of those who would stoop to any level to stop the confirmation process of Judge Brett Kavanaugh is akin to the brutality inflicted on the innocent preborn baby by the instruments in an abortion chamber. In both instances the facts become irrelevant. According to many, Kavanaugh is presumed guilty until proven innocent. The preborn child suffers from the same lack of justice, though in his case he dies.

The rush to do evil and call it good is a steamroller fueled by disregard for the dignity and integrity of the human being. This is our world today and it is tragic to observe.

In such a climate of slogans and accusations, the average person cannot discern the truth. Whether we are witnessing the circus surrounding the Kavanaugh confirmation or the struggle to defend a mythical right to kill a child prior to birth, the propaganda is outrageous.

It might seem easier to walk away rather than get drawn into the ruckus. Of course, that is exactly what the devil wants. Once man’s base instincts take over and reason flies out the window, chaos ensues and Satan wins. This is why I question the legitimacy of the Kavanaugh zoo as much as I know and do not question the fact that abortion kills a baby.

Look at the facts surrounding the judge’s dilemma today. The media claims that, depending on who the next Supreme Court justice is, women could lose access to birth control! And Planned Parenthood Action Fund says: “We believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.” PPAF claims that Ford’s allegations cement the abortion giant’s position that Kavanaugh is “unfit” to serve our nation as a Supreme Court justice. There are no facts in this screed, of course, because the idea is to rally support and protect its abortion business in the process.

Just as is the case with abortion, Planned Parenthood presents no documented body of evidence to support its allegation.

The primary goal of those who created this current political turmoil is clear: Protect abortion and contraception no matter what it takes, no matter whose lives are destroyed, and no matter how many men and women are deceived. The enemies of life feel no compunction about perpetrating falsehood. It is just what they do! Face it: If you lie about the humanity of the child prior to birth, why not do whatever it takes to protect your agenda?

In the midst of all this evil, pause for a moment and reflect on these words of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI), written in 1989* about the parable of sower and the seed:

What Jesus wants to say with this story is that all truly fruitful things begin in this world with what is small and hidden. . . . God himself entered this age incognito, in the form of wretchedness, of powerlessness. And the realities of God—truth, justice, love—are small and downtrodden realities in this world. Nevertheless it is from them that men and women live, that the world lives, and if they did not exist they could not survive. Yet they persist when what is noisy and throws its weight around has long since decayed and been forgotten.

And there it is! We fight for truth and justice, no matter how loud the deceivers get, because truth, justice, and love will remain long after the evil decays and is forgotten.


*From the September 2018 issue of Magnificat, page 318, quoting the book Ministers of Your Joy.

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