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Planned Parenthood’s Racism Is More Obvious Than Ever

By Katie Brown

Pro-lifers have been exposing Planned Parenthood’s flagrant racism for decades. Years ago, we highly publicized the fact that PP was founded by known racist Margaret Sanger. And it was pro-lifers who pointed out that 86 percent of Planned Parenthood facilities are within walking distance of low-income and minority neighborhoods, clearly targeting women and preborn children of color.

And now, during the last few days of Black History Month, it is pro-lifers who expose the current and ongoing White supremacy and racism within Planned Parenthood itself.

In 2020, STOPP released the report “Planned Parenthood’s Racism . . . In Their Own Words.

The report details the initial scandal that broke in Planned Parenthood of Greater New York, when employees of PPGNY made public an open letter to their board of directors documenting the internal racism of their Planned Parenthood affiliate and their president/CEO, Laura McQuade.

Following this news, 19 separate Planned Parenthood affiliates with operations in 33 states across the country then issued statements admitting PP’s racism. In making these statements, the affiliates referred to their organizations as being guilty of White supremacy, structural racism, implicit bias, and systemic racism.

Although the happenings at PPGNY seemed originally to be a local matter, it suddenly exploded into a nationwide admission by Planned Parenthood affiliates of being racist organizations.

Now, some two years later, in the midst of Black History Month, the admissions in this report cut deeper than ever. Even though they vowed to change, PP has done nothing to rectify its racial bias.

We know that if PP were to truly change, it would have to dismantle the entire organization. Not only does PP clearly target employees of color, we know it targets women and preborn children of color as well.

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