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Planned Parenthood Killing Kids and Desecrating Christmas

Information released by the Centers for Disease Control in its latest Abortion Surveillance Report shows that New York City is still the “abortion capital” of the United States. According to the CDC, New York City has 575 abortions for every 1,000 live births. This means that one out of every three babies is aborted in the city. Not surprisingly, the busiest abortion facility in the city is the Margaret Sanger Center. It is operated by Planned Parenthood of New York City and commits 11,000 abortions each year. That’s over 30 babies a day killed at this one Planned Parenthood facility.

Several Planned Parenthood affiliates around the country are advertising for clinicians to staff its centers. According to PP, the successful candidate must be able to show a sense of humor when dealing with family planning and abortion. There is nothing like being able to crack a couple of jokes while an innocent human being is torn apart in her mother’s womb.

President Trump has upset a lot of people with his efforts to bring the respect for preborn human beings into federal government policies and regulations. This week Representative Al Green (D-TX) introduced a bill to begin impeachment procedures against the president. The House responded immediately by voting 364-58 to “table” the bill. This means it will go nowhere. According to published reports, Green said he would continue his efforts to remove Trump.

Planned Parenthood is struggling to keep its customer base. It has gone from 3.1 million down to 2.4 million in the last eight years. Most PP customers are college age. STOPP has received several reports in the last month of Planned Parenthood Generation Action giving colleges $5,000 to install free birth control vending machines. Reportedly, PP will pay for the machine and the first stock of products in the machine. Replacement of the products would need to be paid for by the colleges themselves. We’ve seen some colleges discussing adding the cost of restocking the machines to mandatory student fees. Of course PP is expecting that replacement products will be purchased from the local Planned Parenthood facility.

The essay contest run by ALL’s Culture of Life Studies Program and the Institute for Excellence in Writing ended this past weekend. There were over 600 entries! CLSP staff is currently reading through all the submissions. Winners will be announced on January 2, 2018.

Finally, as the Christmas season began this week in Christian churches around the world, The Mountain Mail in Salida, Colorado, reports that Planned Parenthood has its own way of celebrating the season. According to the paper: “Salida Planned Parenthood will host a fundraiser featuring recycled birth control cases decorated as holiday ornaments by local artists and volunteers.” Last year PP made $12,000 at the event and used the money to provide reduced cost abortifacient IUDs to poor women. Who else but Planned Parenthood could sell Christmas decorations to kill babies?