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Dude, Get the Hell out of the Ladies’ Room

Curt Schilling is a former Major League baseball pitcher who was fired this week by ESPN. During his playing career, Curt was a 6-time All-Star, a 3-time world champion, and a World Series MVP. He ended his playing career with over 200 wins. Curt has been a baseball analyst for many years, most recently for the left-wing ABC-owned sports network ESPN.

IMG_8780.0ESPN fired Curt for simply sharing and commenting about a meme on Facebook. The meme stated that men should stay out of women’s restrooms. The left-wing media push for a complete acceptance of insanity, such as support for supposed “transgenderism” as natural and normal, burns at a torrid rate. The world, ABC and ESPN, and many businesses think that you either accept their insanity or pay the price. You will be fired, you will be labeled, and you will be corporately ostracized. Our response is “to hell with them.”

It’s simple. Men who think they are women need help. Whether their gender dysphoria is the result of confusion, trauma, or mental illness, it is not natural and thus cannot be accepted such; it is a condition that requires help. To treat this condition as natural is irresponsible. It is a lie.

Did you know that 41 percent of active transgender men and women attempt suicide? That’s 10 times the rate of the rest of the American population. These individuals need help, not false acceptance. Nevertheless, the promoters and enablers of treating perversity as wholesome truth will not stop. They want grown men in the ladies’ bathroom with your wives, with your mothers, and with your daughters. Welcome to a world without faith or reason.

Fear of speaking out exists because the death of reason and common sense allows politically correct human secularists, like the empty shells at ESPN, to flap in the wind and fire men who speak the obvious.

American Life League applauds and thanks Curt Schilling for having the courage to speak the truth that even a four-year-old knows. Men are men and women are women. The attempt to redefine nature is not only unnatural, but also has an underlying evil design that seeks to brand faith and reason as bigotry. The wicked end game is persecution.

You DO NOT have to accept and tolerate this nonsense. Speak your mind, hold your ground, and move forward. The truth is on your side along with the power of prayer and the strength of heaven.

Saint Michael pray for us!

Hugh R. Brown
American Life League