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A More Beautiful Place

By Samantha Mattheiss

Have you ever seen pro-life groups distribute roses to women as they enter an abortion clinic? If so, have you noticed the reactions elicited by those roses? A simple, beautiful flower stands out in stark contrast to the banners depicting injured, preborn babies that some protestors wave. The beauty of the rose arouses a deep joy and communicates God’s love: “I have called you by name” (Isaiah 43:1, NABRE).

When we consider a woman, or a couple, entering an abortion clinic, we must reflect on their social, emotional, and spiritual state. We might ask: What does this individual need in order to say yes to the life that has been created? We hope and pray that the woman can live in the spirit of Mary’s Angelus, where Mary expresses her fiat to the Lord, saying yes as Gabriel invites her to bear God’s child. In order to be able to say yes—to choose life—an individual needs an encounter with love. She needs to know, firsthand, the beauty of love and the joy that persists amidst suffering and pain.

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