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The Pill Actually Kills the Women, and Girls, Who Take Them

There is a great deal of mis-information about the birth control pill. Many of the myths will be cleared up in this week’s featured video.

Dr. Angela Lanfranchi is a breast surgeon and clinical assistant professor of surgery at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. Dr. Lanfranchi heads up the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute, and gives a riveting presentation of the scientific proof of how the birth control pill (hormonal contraception) kills.

The Pill Kills National Day of Action Is Coming

Sunday, June 7, 2015, will be the 50th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Griswold decision that legalized contraception throughout the United States and found the right to privacy in sexual matters in the penumbra (shadows) of the U.S. Constitution.

ALL Defends Preborn Human Life and the Right to Speak in Their Defense

LifeNews referenced American Life League in a story concerning free speech rights at abortion facilities. ALL president Judie Brown was quoted in the article.

CBS Los Angeles mentioned American Life League’s stance that “despite being created in a laboratory, a frozen embryo is also ‘created by God’ and ‘has a soul’ and that allowing such embryos to ‘thaw’ and be destroyed is tantamount to ‘murder.’”

An Active Week in the Fight against Planned Parenthood

This week, the legislature in the state of Michigan added a restriction to the state’s budget bill which states that any organization-like Planned Parenthood-that allows abortions will not be able to receive any state funding. In the past, Planned Parenthood received as much as $700,000 from the state. Although the legislators have shut that money down, the language in the budget bill will prevent any government official from circumventing the will of the legislature and of the citizens of Michigan.

ALL Mobilizes Pro-Life Youth and Protects Them from Perverted Education

American Life League kicked off National Pro-Life T-Shirt Week with a bang. Photos of pro-life youth completing tasks for the annual photo challenge have been pouring in. Roll Call picked up on the Congressional photo challenge-bonus task #500-and interviewed ALL’s NPLTW project manager Rey Flores in the process.

Save a Baby through the Spiritual Adoption Program

Spiritually adopting a baby is not only rewarding for your entire family, but saves lives and souls.

When you join the Spiritual Adoption Program, you will receive:

• Twice monthly e-mails full of fun information about the baby’s growth
• Videos from Holy Heroes “Adventure Guides”
• Footage of a baby’s development in the womb
• Audio prayers to pray along with
• Printable activities

This 3-minute video highlights important information and facts about the program to show how important your prayers are to each and every baby.

A New Spiritual Adoption Program Starts TODAY

Are you looking for a fun, engaging way to pray for the preborn, as well as teach your children about the miracle of life? Join Holy Heroes’ Spiritual Adoption Prayer Adventure-a 9-month program that follows the development of a preborn child from creation to birth!

ALL about Defending Catholic Identity

American Life League continues the fight in support of Archbishop Cordileone’s efforts to strengthen Catholic identity in his schools. The Washington Times reported on ALL’s successful joint petition with LifeSiteNews.