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ALL in the News

ALL Defends Preborn Human Life and the Right to Speak in Their Defense

LifeNews referenced American Life League in a story concerning free speech rights at abortion facilities. ALL president Judie Brown was quoted in the article.

CBS Los Angeles mentioned American Life League’s stance that “despite being created in a laboratory, a frozen embryo is also ‘created by God’ and ‘has a soul’ and that allowing such embryos to ‘thaw’ and be destroyed is tantamount to ‘murder.’”

ALL Mobilizes Pro-Life Youth and Protects Them from Perverted Education

American Life League kicked off National Pro-Life T-Shirt Week with a bang. Photos of pro-life youth completing tasks for the annual photo challenge have been pouring in. Roll Call picked up on the Congressional photo challenge-bonus task #500-and interviewed ALL’s NPLTW project manager Rey Flores in the process.

ALL about Defending Catholic Identity

American Life League continues the fight in support of Archbishop Cordileone’s efforts to strengthen Catholic identity in his schools. The Washington Times reported on ALL’s successful joint petition with LifeSiteNews.