Stop the Equality Act

Respect for Human Dignity Canceled

By Judie Brown The era of societal loathing of all things just and good is increasingly becoming more inhumane. We know that this national contempt for human beings has been brewing for years, but it is perhaps at its most malicious these days. The sense of this wretched state of affairs is best understood by […]

Texans Battle to Save Lives

By Judie Brown American Life League has witnessed proof of the age-old adage: “If it can happen here, it can happen anywhere.” That is how nationwide abortion decriminalization started, and it happened in Texas, too. As we think about Texas, let us look at some recent events occurring there. Under the guise of protecting patient […]

Canceling the Basic Right to Exist

By Judie Brown(Part 5 of our Cancel Culture series) In a well-written article entitled “A Proof of the Existence of God,” author James Kidd sets forth the truths that underscore the fact that God does exist and that because of His omnipotent power each and every one of us exists. Kidd finishes his article with […]

Nobody Cares

By Judie Brown A longtime pro-life advocate recently told us a very sad story. As he stood in front of an abortion facility praying the Rosary and holding a sign, someone rode by on a bicycle and yelled, “Give it up. Nobody cares.” That story struck a chord in my heart because what that individual […]

Indoctrination Is Not Education

(Part 4 in our Cancel Culture Series)By Judie Brown From early infancy and throughout our lives, education has long been an integral part of our days. In fact, if we are blessed with an ability to learn, and the tools are put at our disposal to be educated, there is no limit to the knowledge […]

The Real Presence and Misguided Catholics

By Judie Brown At the Last Supper, Jesus Christ celebrated the first Mass. During that event He consecrated the bread and wine which became, through transubstantiation, His body and blood. Christ’s real presence—His body, blood, soul, and divinity—is actually, not symbolically, present in every consecrated host. Thus, His words “This is My Body” are a […]