The ‘Nones’ Need Christ, Not Sorrow and Death

Pro-Life This Week – April 26, 2019

Week in Review – Title X, Daleiden’s court case, and The Church at Planned Parenthood Here we go again! Just this week, US District Judge Michael J. McShane decided to issue a preliminary injunction against the Trump administration changes to the Title X regulations. The injunction will temporarily prevent the rule from going into effect […]

Pro-Life This Week – April 12, 2019

Week in Review – UNPLANNED influences spike in abortion reversal; Good efforts in Texas; NPLTD; Rally in Massachusetts; JP2 educational event The movie Unplanned was included in the top 10 box office hits again this past weekend with a gross of $3.2 million for the three days. It has already had a total gross of […]

Pro-Life This Week – April 5, 2019

Week in Review – The movie; good legislative efforts; Virginia MFL; and Title X funding   The movie, UNPLANNED, had outstanding results at the box office last week as it grossed $6.1 million and came in fifth among all the movies in theaters last week. With an initial showing on 1,059 screens last weekend, it will […]

Pro-Life This Week – March 29, 2019

Week in Review – Euthanasia in Texas; PP defunding in Ohio; Pro-abort violence   Texans are fighting to save the lives of hospital patients. The vehicle they are using is the Respecting Texas Patients’ Right to Life Act (HB 3158 and SB 2089). Current Texas law provides a statutory process by which a physician or […]

Pro-Life This Week – March 22, 2019

Week in Review – The movement toward total protection for preborn babies is taking shape Wow! The month of March is winding down, the season of spring arrived this week, and the fight for the saving of preborn lives in the United States is heating up. We brought you information in previous weeks about the […]

Pro-Life This Week – March 15, 2019

Week in Review – Major Win for Life in Ohio; Beauty Brands Fund PP On March 12, 2019, a federal appeals court in Cincinnati, Ohio, upheld a law that could block public funding for Planned Parenthood. The majority of the 6thCircuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the law as part of a legal battle […]