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Letters to the Editor: Reproductive Health

Dear editor:

Pro-abortion apologists often claim that women have a right to “reproductive health” care. But very few actually know what they mean by those words, which sound harmless enough, at least at first. Looking beneath the surface reveals something else.

According to those who use the term, reproductive health implies that people have a right to have a satisfying and safe sex life, a right to bear children only if they wish to, and a right to access medical procedures and chemicals that will postpone pregnancy, or in the case of a pregnancy, terminate it.

What is safe sex? It is the practice of sexual relations with the false promise that if certain methods of birth control are used, nothing bad will happen. However no one is told that the pill may lead to breast cancer, the condom will fail at least ten percent of the time or fail to protect the user from many sexually transmitted diseases.

There was a time when human beings understood that animals reproduce, as do assembly lines in factories, but human beings procreate – they have children. The reproductive health lobby has altered those understandings and in the process have made children disposable, sexual relations a mechanical function and fidelity but one of many victims of its agenda.

The main idea behind reproductive health, according to its advocates, is best stated by the official Association of Reproductive Health Professionals. Since 1963 this group of medical professionals has been at the forefront of supporting sex education in the schools, abortion on demand, birth control for people of all ages, married or unmarried and most recently human cloning.

This group states, “Women seeking medical advice on reproductive health should be given complete information on all reproductive health options, including abortion. Abortion services should be covered by private and government health insurance programs in order to increase its safety and availability.”

The direct killing of an unborn child is the centerpiece of what we have come to accept as “reproductive health.” It is time to take a second look.

For documentation of these statements, please visit the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals