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Countering Pro-Abortion Arguments 9

What about my reproductive choices/rights?

  • Deciding whether to engage in sexual intercourse is the “reproductive choice.” The ability to make this choice is the “reproductive right.” Abortion is neither a reproductive choice nor a reproductive right. If pregnant, with the rare exception of rape, the choice has already been made, the right already exercised; reproduction has already occurred, a new human life has begun.
    Rape, of course, violates the woman’s reproductive right and denies her reproductive choice. However, for all cases of pregnancy, because reproduction has already occurred, the reproductive right or choice is no longer applicable. The only “choice” remaining is whether the mother’s preborn son or daughter shall live-or become a victim of legal homicide, i.e. abortion.
  • People have the right to reproduce, and an obligation to exercise this right responsibly. Killing the human being created by reproduction is always irresponsible, and should never be a legal right.
  • The “reproductive act” is sexual intercourse, not childbirth. When a woman decides to have sexual intercourse she exercises her reproductive choice (as does the man). Yet, the pro-abortionist tries to define “reproductive freedom” not in terms of sex but in terms of abortion; whether or not one chose reproductive activity beforehand seems irrelevant. However, the truth is that opting against abortion does not create a life; it spares a life already created.
  • Abortion has nothing to do with “reproductive choice.” Once fertilization has taken place, reproduction has already occurred and the woman is pregnant. And once a woman is pregnant, her choices with regard to her pregnancy are childbirth or abortion, i.e. the life or death of her child. Thus, the abortion choice is not a reproductive one, it is the choice of whether or not to kill the young, already “reproduced” individual.
  • The “reproductive choice” is the “reproductive act”; i.e. sexual intercourse.