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Countering Pro-Abortion Arguments 25

Young girls should not have to undergo childbirth. These are “babies” having babies!

  • Real babies cannot get pregnant, much less have babies; they are far below the reproductive age.
  • Your concern about “babies” is myopic and inconsistent: You believe that “babies” should not have babies, but you believe that these same “babies” should be able to get contraceptives and abortions-and without parental consent or even notification! Why doesn’t adolescent promiscuity (“babies” having sex!), contraception (“babies” being sterilized!), or abortion (“babies” killing babies!) concern you?
  • I’d agree that “babies” having babies is undesirable. But is “babies” killing babies preferable?
  • We’re talking about young women (girls) who are pregnant. Yet, your terminology varies per situation0.
    If you’re discussing childbirth: “Babies” having babies.If you’re discussing contraception/abortion: “Young women” exercising their reproductive choice.How do you reconcile this? In your radical feminist ideology, is the decision to kill one’s child a rite of passage to “womanhood”?And is the responsible, generous, life-respecting decision to not kill one’s child “babyish”? Is this your motto: “Real women kill their babies”?