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Countering Pro-Abortion Arguments 20

Women will still get abortions, so you will force them to get back alley abortions!

  • Murder is illegal, people still murder. Rape is illegal, men still rape, etc. No law is observed 100% of the time. The efficacy of a law is based on its deterrent effect. Abortion is wrong, and proscribing it will deter its occurrence. Thus, abortion should be proscribed.
  • The only time a woman is forced to get an abortion is when an abortion is performed against her will, as is done in China. Pro-life groups have uniformly condemned China’s population policy; “pro-choice” groups have been at best silent, at worst supportive!
  • If a law is reasonable, people are not forced to break it. Forbidding the killing of preborn babies is reasonable law.
  • If people willfully break a law and hurt themselves in the process, their injuries are due to their irresponsible, illegal behavior. Repealing a just law on the basis of the consequences one endures by willfully breaking that law is asinine.