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Countering Pro-Abortion Arguments 2

It (i.e. the preborn baby) is only “potential life.

  • Life is a continuum, and therefore only “potential” relative to future stages of life, not life itself.
  • When discussing “life” and “potential” in the context of abortion, this is the proper relationship: With abortion on demand, every “life” (living preborn baby) has a high “potential” (likelihood) of being killed.
  • Abortion causes actual (i.e. physical, biological) death. If the preborn baby is only a potential life, why does one need an abortion to bring about its actual death? How can you kill something that is not already actually alive?
  • Science proves that preborn babies are actually alive: is that a “potential heart” beating, pumping “potential blood” through potential veins”? Or “potential nerve impulses” going through potential neurons” in a “potential brain”? No. The heart, blood, brain, etc. are actual. So is the baby.
  • Before an abortion, a preborn baby is biologically alive. After an abortion, he or she is biologically dead. This isn’t potentiality, it’s reality.
  • If the baby were only “potential,” maybe you could wish it away, or perform an exorcism! But preborn life is actual, so destroying it requires an abortion.
  • “Life” is never potential, but a “successful” abortion always makes death actual.
  • Every preborn baby is a potential murder victim.
  • Abortion destroys actual life, and all the potential that life possesses.
  • Every actual life has potential; no actual life is potential.