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Countering Pro-Abortion Arguments 13

There are too many people in the world. The population explosion threatens us all.

  • The population explosion is a myth. Last year the world’s population grew less than 1.8%.
  • In many western countries (e.g. West Germany), fertility is at or below “replacement levels”; this means their population will start to shrink unless the trend is reversed.
  • Many experts believe that the earth could easily support, at the present standard of living, 40 billion people, 8 times the present number-even at current levels of productivity and technology.
  • Who’s to say that there are too many people? Even if this were true, who should be eliminated? The preborn? The aged? The handicapped? The poor? And who should decide who lives and who dies? Murder is never an acceptable solution to society’s “problems,” real or imagined.
  • Every man, woman, and child in the world could be placed in the state of Texas, forming one giant city with a population-density less than that of many existing cities, leaving the rest of the world empty.