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Countering Pro-Abortion Arguments 10

Women should have freedom of choice (abortion).

  • All choices should not be legal or protected as a right. Humans have free will and, therefore, possess the ability to choose and control their actions. Law determines which choices, among all the possible, are legal, and which are not. Thus the decision to murder is, and always will be, one’s choice, albeit an illegal and immoral one. To the extent that some choices or actions are wrong, either inherently or because they infringe upon the rights of others, they should be prohibited.
    The choice to abort is inherently wrong and infringes upon the rights of the preborn child; thus, this choice should be prohibited.
  • All “choices” are not justifiable. To murder someone is the murderer’s choice, to rape someone is the rapist’s choice, to rob someone is the robber’s choice, to enslave someone is the enslaver’s choice, to aid and abet a crime is the aider and abettor’s choice, ad nauseam. Thus, the choice must be defined.
    For abortion, the choice is whether or not to kill an innocent preborn baby. Killing the innocent preborn cannot be justified. Thus, abortion is not a justifiable choice.
  • “Pro-choice” really means “anything goes.” Allowing choices without regard for human life, basic morality or personal responsibility is a recipe for anarchy. Saying “anything goes” regarding the killing of innocent preborn children is what “pro-choice” really means.
  • “Freedom of Choice” means the “Freedom to Kill.”