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Communique – Dec. 7, 2007

in this issue:

catholic bishops: NIENSTEDT
culture of death: MTV
fetal tissue research: UPDATE
morning-after abortion pill: WISCONSIN 
politics: KANSAS
reflection for prayer: ADVENT

hot button issues

NOELLE: Be sure to check out ALL’s review of a new movie that opens tonight. Noelle contains a somewhat inaccurate view (though the inaccuracies were unintentional) of the Catholic Church.

Link: “The movie ‘Noelle’ calls for caution,” American Life League, 12/5/07

PLANNED PARENTHOOD CARDS: The organization’s “choice on earth” cards are back for another season. American Life League’s Wednesday STOPP Report notes, “We implore every Christian in this nation to expose this attack on Christians and we ask every Christian pastor in the nation to denounce these cards and the organization that continues to create them.”

Links: “Planned Parenthood renews attack on Christians,” Wednesday STOPP Report, 12/5/07 / “Planned Parenthood holiday cards,” Planned Parenthood, 12/07


ABORTION VIA SMOOTHIE: A Wisconsin man has been accused of causing his girlfriend to “miscarry” by lacing her food with RU-486.

Link: “Man accused of causing miscarriage,” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/29/07

PRACTITIONERS: Abortionist James S. Pendergraft had his license suspended by the Florida Board of Medicine which also fined him $10,000 for illegally performing an abortion in 2005.

Link: “Late abortion results in fine, suspension,” Orlando Sentinel, 12/1/07

birth control

PRESCRPTION DRUG USE INCREASE: A recent study indicates that prescription contraceptive use increased significantly between 1995 and 2002 due to state mandates enacted during the period requiring contraceptive coverage by private insurers.

Link: “Changes in prescription contraceptive use 1995-2002,” Obstetrics and Gynecology, 12/1/07

catholic bishops

NIENSTEDT: The coadjutor archbishop of the Catholic archdiocese of St. Paul, Minnesota is under attack by the media for writing a column on Catholic teaching regarding homosexuality. Star Tribune columnist Nick Coleman quoted one member of Catholic Rainbow Parents who said Archbishop John Nienstedt is “the only archbishop in the country to put this aggressive of a spin on Catholic teaching.

COMMENT: The archbishop’s column set forth church teaching, not spin. The Minnesota Majority has action items on its web site in defense of Archbishop Nienstedt.

Links: “Four points on the church’s teaching about homosexuality,” Catholic Spirit, 11/15/07 / “Future archbishop’s compassion short when it comes to gays,” Minneapolis Star-Tribune, 11/27/07

culture of death

MTV: The youth-oriented cable channel has long been a major proponent of promiscuity. One of its current offerings is a reality-type show featuring a young woman seeking a mate. Her dates include both young men and young women.

WARNING: The material on the link that follows is rated “R.” Or maybe even worse.

Link: “Shot at love with Tila Tequila,” MTV


CRICK AND WATSON: Recent much has been written about James Watson’s fall from grace due to a crass comment he made about the intelligence of African Americans. But people seem to forget, or don’t do their research, that Watson’s partner, Francis Crick, was an avid eugenicist and entered into dialogue with luminaries like Sir Julian Huxley as long ago as 1963.

COMMENT: Sadly, the effort to “improve” the human race by eliminating the “less acceptable” is not a new idea. Ask Margaret Sanger!

Links: “Watson’s dark vision,” Philadelphia Inquirer, 11/5/07 / “Man and his future,” CIBA Foundation, 1963

fetal tissue research

UPDATE: The practice of using tissue from aborted children in various types of research continues unabated, though reporter Pete Winn writes, “It is not clear how much fetal tissue is used or how it is supplied.”

Link: “Tax-funded research implants aborted fetal tissue in mice,” Cybercast News Service, 11/28/07

morning-after abortion pill

WISCONSIN: State legislators vote on a bill December 11 that would require hospitals to offer so-called emergency contraception to sexual assault victims. There would be no conscience provision for religious hospitals to opt out. Pro-Life Wisconsin, an American Life League associate group, opposes the measure.

Link: “State assembly to vote on chemical abortion hospital mandate,” Pro-Life Wisconsin, 12/3/07


KANSAS: Christian Morgan, the director of the Kansas Republican Party, has warned that abortion is not a priority. “This is not something that the Kansas GOP is going to go out and lead on.” He claims people are fed up with hearing about abortion.

Link: “In Kansas, GOP abandons abortion focus,” Los Angeles Times, 12/1/07


GOOD FOR ENVIRONMENT: Two rabid population controllers collaborated on an editorial which claims that the tragedies facing our environment are caused by the “still rapidly increasing number of humans and our excessive consumption.” Thus they believe that family planning access plus legal abortion will safeguard the environment.

Link: “Family planning and access to safe and legal abortion are vital to safeguard the environment,” Contraception, 12/1/07


SAVING THOSE DAMNED CATHOLICS: Of Judie Brown’s latest book, former Congressman Bob Dornan writes, “With wit, insight and fearless presentation of the facts, Saving Those Damned Catholics shreds the ‘seamless garment’ most Catholic bishops use to cloak their sinfully silent consent to legalized abortion. Saving Those Damned Catholics will inspire you with the fortitude and the will to tackle this eternally urgent mission.”

TO ORDER: “Saving Those Damned Catholics” is available from ALL in hardcover or paperback. Call 866-LET-LIVE or purchase online.

ULTRASOUND VIDEO: “Baby Steps: Live from the womb, 16 stages of pre-birth development,” is an amazing new video from American Life League that many in the pregnancy center movement say is certain to save lives. The video features dramatic 4-D ultrasound images of preborn babies from 8 to 34 weeks development.

TO ORDER: The “Baby Steps” DVD is available from ALL for $9.95 plus shipping and handling. Call 866-LET-LIVE toll-free, or purchase online.

reflection for prayer

ADVENT: Fr. Tom Euteneuer of Human Life International writes, “Advent prayer is a deep reflection on the sacred mysteries of our salvation, something that needs time and repetition to bear fruit. We cannot appreciate such a mystery as God becoming man unless we have a serious commitment to prayer.”

Link: “Advent challenge,” Spirit and Life, 11/30/07