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Abortion: How Much Do You Know? (Question 5)

Does abortion end a human life?

First, when does human life begin? According to physicians, biologists and scientists:

conception (fertilization) marks the beginning of the life of a human being … There is overwhelming agreement on this point in countless medical, biological and scientific writings.”1

Subcommittee on Separation of Powers to Senate Judiciary Committee S-158, 97th Congress, 1st Session 1981, p.7

Conception (fertilization) is when the human sperm penetrates the human egg, resulting in a human life. Professor M. Matthews-Roth of Harvard University says: “It is scientifically correct to say that individual human life begins at conception.” Professor J. Lejeune, who discovered the chromosome pattern of Down syndrome, states that “Each individual has a very neat beginning, at conception.”

Every abortion involves, either surgically or chemically, the destruction of a human zygote or a human fetus, and the subsequent removal of that human from his/her mother’s womb. Therefore, every single abortion ends a human life.