Five Political Activism Opportunities for Students

Planned Parenthood: The Mammogram Myth

Does Planned Parenthood do mammograms? In May 2019, Sen. Amy Klobuchar criticized the Trump administration for attempting to cut Planned Parenthood’s federal funding. Klobuchar stated: “In their lifetime, one in five women go [to Planned Parenthood]. . . . And most of them are going there for contraception, birth control [and] . . . for […]

Pro-Life Lessons to Help You Celebrate October

By Susan Ciancio Welcome to October! We have some positive reasons to celebrate throughout the entire month. Not only is October Respect Life Month, but it’s also Down Syndrome Awareness Month and the Month of the Rosary. There has never been a better time to help your children grow closer to God or to teach […]

Trump, Babies, and Malevolence

By Judie Brown In the wake of the president’s coronavirus diagnosis and the systemic hatred seeping from social media these days, we found it rather ironic that the death peddlers are taking aim at the president in a different way. Trump recently signed an executive order regarding protection for babies born alive after abortion, as […]

First Responders, Babies, and the Pandemic

By Judie Brown The current coronavirus, like the plagues of old, has taught many the value of family, the fleeting importance of earthly goods, and the eternal blessings of human beings who sacrifice for one another and go out of their way to be of service. While the first people who come to mind are […]

Pro-Life This Week – October 2, 2020

Week in Review – Confirmation process; presidential debate; Election Day  In towns and cities across the country this week, it was business as usual. Over 16,000 mothers went to abortionists to end the lives of their preborn children. Statistically, 9,600 went to one of the 463 surgical abortion facilities and 6,400 obtained the abortion pill […]

Biden, Barrett, and Catholicism

By Judie Brown Recent contrasts between former Vice President Joe Biden and Judge Amy Coney Barrett have exposed the stark difference between politics and truth. Declan Leary writes: “Joe Biden is the perfect representative of the mainstream current of American Catholicism. He’s a squish who prioritizes the temporal and sentimental over the eternal and the […]