Conceived in Rape, Born of Love

By Analyn Megison Recently, I received a press inquiry from a journalist working on a piece about motherhood who wanted to speak to a mother raising “a child born of rape.” Her phrasing deeply troubled me because my child is so much more than that and should never be defined by how she was conceived. […]

Judie Brown’s Statement Regarding Missouri’s Last Abortion Mill

For Immediate Release Fredericksburg, VA (June 28, 2019) – American Life League president, Judie Brown, issued the following statement today regarding Missouri’s last functioning surgical abortion mill: The battle has been long. The state of Missouri is hours away from becoming the first state in America since 1974 to have ZERO abortion clinics! American Life […]

Pro-Life This Week – Jun 28, 2019

Week in Review – Missouri to Become the First Abortion-Free State Since 1974; Arkansas Abortion Restriction Challenged Baring no other judicial interventions, today Missouri will become the first state since 1974 to be free of surgical and medical abortions. After weeks of legal battles, the state of Missouri has refused to renew the medical license […]

Is Rational Suicide for Real?

By Judie Brown Yes, it is. In fact, rational suicide has become a hot topic among seniors! That sounds pretty ominous to me, but according to at least one news article, rational suicide is a subject quite a few senior citizens take seriously. According to the story, many elderly people have been pondering this question: […]

Statement from Judie Brown Regarding Cardinal Raymond Burke’s Resignation from Dignitatis Humanae

For Immediate Release In recent years, there has been a growing trend among certain Catholic digital media outlets to vilify members of the Catholic hierarchy for its own sake. Most of this activity is political in nature, not faithful, and is sought not for the sake of restoring Catholic culture but rather selling out to […]

Protecting Your Kids

By Susan Ciancio Our world is saturated and infatuated with sex. We see scantily-clad women on billboards and on TV advertisements. We see ads on TV for birth control pills, for IUDs, and for the little blue pill for men. We hear about sex in song lyrics, in jokes on TV, and in the news. […]