Love as St. John Paul II Loved

By Susan Ciancio Tomorrow we celebrate the remarkable life of Karol Wojtyla, the man who would become St. John Paul II. Elected pope in 1978, he served lovingly and faithfully until he died in 2005. Throughout his 27 years as our Holy Father, John Paul II helped build a culture of life in countless ways. […]

Hope Alive in 2020

By Judie Brown As reported last week, not by the major media, but by American Life League and other pro-life groups, members of 40 Days for Life outside the racist Planned Parenthood facility in Walnut Creek, California, have been the target of intense harassment on several occasions. If you watch this video, you will see and hear […]

Pro-Life This Week – October 16, 2020

Week in Review – What is really happening at the abortion center in Walnut Creek?    This year, 2020, is a time of protests and violence in the United States—especially on the West Coast. In the midst of all this, 40 Days for Life is conducting its semi-annual peaceful presence outside of abortion facilities in the […]

Temporary Killings Approved

By Judie Brown Amazing! And at the same time, frightening! During a short period of one week, we have heard pro-abortion senators railing at Judge Amy Coney Barrett, and we have seen the United States Supreme Court decline to block the use of the United States mail to deliver abortion to customers. Here is the […]

The Only Wasted Vote Is the Vote You Later Regret

By Philip E. Lawler [Several] years ago, I told disbelieving friends that I had decided to run for the U.S. Senate, against Ted Kennedy. From the outset I knew—and candidly told my supporters—that it would take a miracle to send me to Washington. Massachusetts is a liberal state, dominated by Democrats, and the Kennedy mystique […]

Five Inspiring Bible Verses Every Pro-Lifer Should Know

By The Culture of Life Studies Program Team The Bible is a great source of wisdom and inspiration for the pro-life movement. When we read the Bible, we are reminded of God’s unfailing love for us. Here are five verses from the Bible that not only remind us that every person is a gift created […]