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WSR: 2021-12-2

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  • Thoughts on Dobbs
  • Planned Parenthood expanding public relations efforts in Colorado, Nevada, and New Mexico — Action Needed
  • Don’t forget Letters-to-the-Editor

Thoughts on Dobbs

This week, the United States Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the Dobbs case. The case involves a Mississippi law that seeks to regulate abortion after the preborn child is 15 weeks gestation. The law does not “ban” abortions after 15 weeks—as some news media say—since it has exceptions.

The law is not unlike many that have been passed in prior years and then struck down as unconstitutional by courts. The surprise in the Dobbs case was that SCOTUS agreed to hear arguments and to make a decision. This has fueled speculation that the court is ready to make changes in its 1973 (Roe v. Wade) and its 1992 (Planned Parenthood v. Casey) decisions. There is much speculation over what the court is likely to do. This speculation is very real to those of us who lived through the 1992 case, where it was almost universally believed that the court would overturn Roe. That possibility was made real, as it was later revealed that the Supreme Court had preliminarily voted 5-4 to overturn Roe—and then Justice Kennedy changed his vote at the last minute. Roe was saved and millions and millions of babies have paid with their lives.

As the Dobbs case went to the court on December 1, the topic of discussion for most groups was whether Roe and Caseywould survive this court. Would the battle for the lives of innocent human beings become a battle, moving from state to state? But there were at least two groups who saw the fight differently. 

Planned Parenthood, of course, is adamant that it should be allowed to kill any preborn human being for any reason—or for no reason. It wants no legal protections for preborn human beings. It wants the Supreme Court to give it an unfettered license to kill.

American Life League represents the other side of the spectrum as we fight for the right to life of every human being from creation to death. We are adamant that the justices of the Supreme Court must recognize what every other individual in the United States knows instinctively—that every human being began to exist at his or her biological beginning and is entitled to full protection of the law from that point forward.

This is not 1973, or even 1992. This is the time when sonogram pictures adorn the front of refrigerators all across the country and have most likely been viewed by every member of SCOTUS—and almost all members of Congress.

How do you look at those images and then say it is okay to kill that human being?

Today, we ask every person across the country and join with American Life League in serving God by helping to build a society that respects and protects individual innocent human beings from creation to death—without compromise, without exception, without apology.

Pray that the Supreme Court does the right thing—give full protection to the preborn children.

Jim Sedlak is executive director of American Life League, founder of STOPP International, and host of a weekly talk show on the Radio Maria Network. He has been successfully fighting Planned Parenthood since 1985.

Planned Parenthood expanding public relations efforts in Colorado, Nevada, and New Mexico — Action Needed

Although most pro-lifers think that Planned Parenthood is only about abortion, the fact is that the organization will get involved in many things as long as it can make money and promote its public facade. Back in the 1990s in New York State, Planned Parenthood even had a government contract to train secretaries.

In May of this year, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains began a partnership with Colorado Access to provide a mental health screening service. Colorado Access says it is the “largest and most experienced public sector health plan in the state.” The non-profit company “focuses on meeting members’ unique needs by partnering with providers and community organizations to provide better personalized care through measurable results.”

Colorado Access says: “As of May 17, 2021, 100% of patients at the Littleton, Colorado, (Planned Parenthood) location are now receiving a behavioral health screening as part of their visit.” The stated purpose of the screening is to “ultimately reduce behavioral health related ED (Erectile Dysfunction) visits by finding and addressing depression in its early stages.”

During the first five months of the effort in Littleton, 7.4 percent of the people screened were diagnosed with a depression problem. At that time, the program expanded to Planned Parenthood centers in Aurora, Denver Central, Park Hill, Arvada, Fort Collins, and Boulder. A patch.com article this week revealed that there are plans to expand to all 17 Planned Parenthood Colorado centers by the end of the year.

The article, of course, contained glowing statements from both Planned Parenthood and Colorado Access. Adrienne Manzanares, chief experience officer with Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, said: “We are thrilled to offer this service as a part of our preventive care.” Rob Bremer, VP of network strategy at Colorado Access, said: “We’re working to normalize discussions around mental health and make it a routine component of health checks. It’s very encouraging to see this screening program expand statewide so more Coloradans can get the help they need.”

PPRM also has centers in New Mexico and Nevada and says it will expand the screening procedures to those two states in early 2022.

While this type of service is not part of Planned Parenthood’s core business, it creates an opportunity for PP to distract people away from their abortion and birth control operations. It also provides them with an opportunity to create additional partnerships in a community, as well as providing additional income.

In situations like this, we recommend you approach organizations like Colorado Access and ask them to end their partnership with Planned Parenthood. If they persist, then we ask you to spread the word throughout your community of the fact that they have chosen to partner with the nation’s largest abortion chain and will not sever the relationship. Ask people to stop any donations to groups like Colorado Access, who partner directly with Planned Parenthood.

Don’t forget Letters-to-the-Editor

From the beginning of STOPP’s fight against Planned Parenthood, informative letters-to-the-editor of local papers have been a powerful way of getting out the message about Planned Parenthood. In today’s world of the Internet, this action is often overlooked; it shouldn’t be. Good on-line letters can be seen by more people and offer an opportunity to get out a clear message about Planned Parenthood.

One of the groups that has done a really good job at using letters is Pro-Life Waco, in Waco, Texas. They’ve used it in successful efforts against the Girl Scouts and against Planned Parenthood—especially in a fight against an outrageous summer sex indoctrination program run by Planned Parenthood. That effort was called Nobody’s Fool.

When Pro-Life Waco’s leader, John Pisciotta, first started fighting the despicable event that targeted children in the fifth through ninth grades, he met with a great deal of opposition, but his persistence was finally rewarded as the event closed down for lack of public support.

Recently, a local Planned Parenthood supporter tried to change history by glorifying Nobody’s Fool and vilifying those who opposed it. We present to you today John’s reply to that opinion piece as an example of how to unmask Planned Parenthood and present the truth in a world that does not want to hear or believe it.

Here is John’s letter:

Stop the sniping

It has happened again: a dispute between your pro-choice and pro-life neighbors on the Opinion page of the Waco Tribune-Herald. The contention was triggered by the Oct. 28 letter to the editor from Cheryl Foster. A pro-life letter responded with criticism of the Trib for printing the Foster letter. I believe most of Foster’s letter was within reasonable bounds. 

The serious failing of the Trib Opinion page was printing a single sentence accusing the pro-life side of escalating illegal acts of accosting children and adults walking to the Waco Convention Center for Nobody’s Fool. Foster goes on to claim that Planned Parenthood’s Nobody’s Fool was closed in 2013 because the event became too dangerous. (Nobody’s Fool was a one-day summer seminar delivering Planned Parenthood sex education to children in grades 5 through 9.)

The Trib Opinion page should never print an accusation of law breaking without verification. There are Trib reporters today who were in Waco during the years of Nobody’s Fool. They know there was no escalation of illegal activities, with the Waco Police Department turning a blind eye. 

I was the director of Pro-Life Waco during the years of Nobody’s Fool. Waco PD Sergeant Steve Anderson was responsible for nipping in the bud any legal problems relating to Planned Parenthood and Central Texas pro-lifers. I knew Sergeant Anderson well and believe I earned his trust in helping him do his job. When Pro-Life Waco held protest events, I informed him of the what and when.

Pro-Life Waco held signs, handed out flyers to adults and engaged in conversation in the public right-of-way with those walking to Nobody’s Fool. In addition to Pro-Life Waco regulars, we were joined by pastors with impeccable reputations and other Central Texans.

A letter from David McLatcher [Nov. 16] alleges that we waved posters of aborted fetuses in front of children and adults. Actually, Pro-Life Waco has never deployed photos of aborted babies in 25 years of outreach. At times, I have been criticized by other life defenders for being too soft.

It is not my purpose here to get deep into debate on the value of Planned Parenthood’s Nobody’s Fool. McLatcher says that his wife taught classes at Nobody’s Fool and praises the program. I also know a woman from Austin who taught for Nobody’s Fool in 2007 and 2008. Her name is Monica Cline.

Monica’s experience with Nobody’s Fool made her realize that Nobody’s Fool was harmful to children. She broke ties to Nobody’s Fool and Planned Parenthood. In 2012, the final year of Nobody’s Fool, she joined Pro-Life Waco for the event. Once the small number of youngsters entered the convention center, Monica delivered a speech and a press conference. You can read her personal testimony at bit.ly/3CBDBiM and learn about the Nobody’s Fool approach to sex education at MonicaCline.com.

Let’s shut down this unfruitful crossfire. I hope the Trib Opinion page will refocus on contested ideas and alternate approaches to virtue and morality. The Trib should not be a megaphone for any letter writer’s unfounded legal accusations.

John Pisciotta, Waco