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THe PP Health Care Hoax




How PP’s 25 Year Plan, Vision 2025, exposed the true nature of the organization


This summary is meant to offer a brief comment on each of PP’s 10 goals in its 25-year plan. Further details can be found in STOPP’s complete analysis.

  1. Planned Parenthood will ensure that sexuality is understood as an essential, lifelong aspect of being human and that it is celebrated with respect, openness, and mutuality.

    Although PP proclaims itself as a “health care” organization, it doesn’t see a cure for cervical cancer, or stopping the spread of pelvic inflammatory disease or chlamydia as its number one goal. Rather, it will focus on making sure that sex is celebrated! Thus PP’s #1 goal is the same as its founder’s (Margaret Sanger) #1 goal in 1916 – uninhibited sex.

  2. Planned Parenthood will ensure access to reproductive and sexual health care for all.

    The only specific example given by PP is: “We will push the edge for universal access to birth control.” Thus, PP’s 2nd goal is the same as Sanger’s #2 goal – birth control. But where is the health care?

  3. Planned Parenthood will secure passage of laws and policies, including state and federal constitutional amendments, that guarantee reproductive freedom for all.

    This sounds like a goal of a political lobbying group – not a so-called health organization. Of course, “reproductive freedom” is Planned Parenthood’s code word for abortion. PP, just like Sanger, includes abortion as a method of birth control.

  4. Planned Parenthood will ensure worldwide implementation of a human rights and well-being agenda as currently expressed in the Cairo Agreement, with the U.S. fulfilling its financial commitment and implementing those principles in the U.S.

    The United Nations’ International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD), which was held in Cairo, Egypt in 1994, was widely considered a watershed event. The program’s acknowledgment that legal abortion could be part of health care was a major coup for PP. It was the first time abortion was written positively into international documents. It is no wonder PP wants it moved forward with U.S. taxpayer money.

  5. Planned Parenthood will control a successful, diversified media company that creates and distributes the most popular, critically acclaimed health and sexuality programming.

    With PP in complete control of the production of the media message and the distribution of the message (without censors), we can expect a glut of very graphic sexual images that PP tries to convince everyone is just “health education,” but what will be material that robs our children of their innocence.

  6. Planned Parenthood will be the model for embracing diversity and expanding the decision-making power base of its stakeholders.

    A “diverse” community is desired by PP as long as all of the “diverse” people are willing to follow Sanger’s legacy and have no recognition of any absolute moral authority. Throughout this entire plan God is not mentioned once. PP’s rejection of Christian values is illustrated in its “Choice on Earth” holiday card.

  7. Planned Parenthood will be a significant catalyst for the development and universal dissemination of new reproductive technologies.

    None of the products Planned Parenthood will be bringing to us are intended to treat a woman whose body is malfunctioning. All of them have the intention of taking a woman whose body is operating in a perfectly normal manner and make it operate abnormal. This is a strange concept of health care.

  8. Planned Parenthood will be an authoritative voice on bioethical standards related to reproductive health and sexuality.

    PP has shown its intent with regard to biotechnology. It has issued press releases supporting the use of embryonic stem cells (whose harvesting always kills a human being) and its web site shows a widespread use of terms (e.g. pre-embryo and fertilized egg) that are meant to dehumanize the human being created at fertilization and set the ground for all kinds of utilitarian experimentation. If PP is allowed to be the “authoritative voice,” then bioethical standards will result in more deaths and total disregard for the sanctity of human life.

  9. Planned Parenthood will build the largest donor and citizen activist base of any social movement in this country.

    Note, PP did NOT say that it wanted to build the largest donor and citizen activist base of any health care organization in the country. Instead, it proudly labeled its efforts as that of a social movement. Anyone who can read this plan and still maintain that PP is a about health care simply did not understand what’s written.

  10. Planned Parenthood will be acknowledged as one of the 10 best places to work and volunteer.

    Planned Parenthood acknowledges it has employee morale problems as it states in the document: “we have often struggled to attract and sustain the workforce we need to serve our clients and other stakeholders.” True health care organizations can offer their employees the knowledge that they are offering their patients services that will restore their health and better their lives. But, as this plan shows, PP is NOT a health care organization and cannot offer its employees any such comfort.

Conclusion: Throughout this entire 25-year plan, this supposed health care organization does not mention the word “patient” even once. If you disregard everything else presented here, this one fact should tell you all you need to know about Planned Parenthood