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no dinner for obama

Dear Cardinal Dolan, Just Say No!

We are now 30 days away from the October 18 Al Smith Dinner. The opportunity for Cardinal Dolan to disinvite president Obama is fading quickly, and many are left wondering why it has not come to pass that the invitation has been withdrawn.

The Cardinal and the Impudent

A recent National Review report quoted Cardinal Timothy Dolan, in which he made a statement regarding vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan and U.S. vice president Joe Biden.

What Would Jesus Do?

My initial reaction was to feel sorrow for this fellow because he was sincerely trying to excuse the public embrace by members of the hierarchy of a man who has done nothing to advance any precept of the natural law.

No Dinner for Obama

The Al Smith Dinner invitee, President Barack Obama, continues to spit in the face of the Church. Yet his invitation stands.

American Life League: No Dinner for Obama

American Life League Expresses Outrage at the Obama Invitation to the
Alfred E. Smith Foundation Dinner and Urges the Foundation to Dis-invite Obama in
Light of His War on Religious Freedom and Values