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Pro-Life This Week – May 17, 2019


Week in Review – Alabama Passes Law Criminalizing Abortionists; Missouri Set to Pass Life-Affirming Law; Vermont Passes Unrestricted Abortion Law; US Birth Rate Lowest Since 1986

This week has seen a lot of action in pro-life politics. On Wednesday, Alabama governor, Kay Ivey, signed the Alabama Human Life Protection Act into law. This new law makes abortion and attempted abortion each a felony, and even includes possible life in prison for abortionists who violate the law.

The language of the law is flawed, including an exception for when the mother’s life is at risk, because there is no such medical condition that requires murdering a preborn child for the health of the mother. The language of the bill also does not acknowledge preborn children who have not been implanted in the mother’s uterus.

However, this law is a triumph in that it is the first to recognize abortionists as criminals. If an abortionist attempts to abort, or aborts a child, he will be charged with a class-A felony. The sentence for this charge can be up to life in prison.

This new law in Alabama could be joined by a similar law in Missouri. Early Thursday morning, the Missouri State senate passed House Bill 126 with a 24-10 vote. This bill would ban all abortions after eight weeks, but similar to Alabama, includes exceptions for the health of the mother. Since there is no medical reason to murder a preborn child, the Missouri bill’s language is flawed as well. Republican Missouri governor, Mike Parson, is expected to sign the bill. This law, however, would only go into effect if Roe v. Wade were overturned.

On the other side of the political spectrum, Vermont legislators have voted to amend the state’s constitution to allow unrestricted abortion access. Vermont’s Bishop Christopher Coyne has voiced his opposition to the bill. He told the Catholic News Agency: “I am disappointed that Vermont legislators have decided to move forward with H. 57, even amid many strong, authentic, and educated testimonies in opposition to the bill.”

A provisional report released on Wednesday characterized the United States’ birth rate as being at the lowest it has been in three decades. The study shows that “the fertility rate of 1.7 births per U.S. woman also fell 2%, meaning the current generation isn’t making enough babies to replace itself.” Experts claim they cannot pinpoint a reason for the falling birth rate.


ALL in the News – Judie Brown Receives National Attention; Pro-life Radio Program

Judie Brown released a statement on May 9, 2019, inviting people to pray the Rosary with her on Facebook Live. The rosary was offered up for the conversion of Pennsylvania state representative, Brian Sims, and for the protection of pro-life advocates. Judie’s rosary was mentioned in several news outlets, including Breitbart and Philadelphia Magazine.

On Wednesday evening, May 15, 2019, Judie released a statement regarding Alabama’s new abortion restriction law. Her comments received a massive response on social media, and were featured in an article from Seattle PI.

Jim Sedlak’s Pro-Life Activism from Creation to Death is a weekly talk- radio program on the Radio Maria USA network. The show can be heard live every Friday at noon (Eastern Time) and is repeated on Saturdays (10 PM) and Mondays (10 PM).


Video of the Week – Philadelphia Pro-Life Group Compiles Best Moments from Anti-Bullying Rally.

When a Pennsylvania legislator shared a video of himself badgering pro-life witnesses in front of Planned Parenthood, the pro-life community took action. They gathered in front of the same Planned Parenthood facility to remind pro-abortion bullies that pro-life witnesses won’t back down.

Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia captured the best moments from the rally and compiled them in this impactful video:


Action Item of the Week – Protest Stericycle on May 22

On May 22, the #ProtestPP coalition, which includes American Life League and STOPP International, is sponsoring a nationwide protest at local operations of Stericycle—a waste removal company.


After the undercover videos of Planned Parenthood began to be released in 2015, organizations that fight against Planned Parenthood formed a coalition, #ProtestPP ( Three pro-life groups headed the effort (Citizens for a Prolife Society [Monica Miller]; Created Equal [Mark Harrington]; and Prolife Action League [Eric Scheidler]). They were joined by a coalition of about 60 other groups, including American Life League and STOPP International. Monica, Eric, and Mark do the basic planning, and we join in by promoting the ProtestPP activities.

Mark has worked for years to try to get the waste-hauling company, Stericycle, to end its contracts with Planned Parenthood and stop hauling medical waste (including aborted babies) from PP facilities. Despite several assurances from Stericycle that it has ended those contracts, Mark has evidence they have not.

Current activity:

As a result, Mark and Eric have scheduled a protest outside the annual stockholders meeting of Stericycle, which will take place on May 22 in Chicago. They are hoping to have pro-lifers across the country hold protests at all Stericycle facilities on that same day. The website has been updated to reflect this call to protest. What is needed now is for pro-lifers to become aware of the effort and to join in the protests.

Local teams are currently being sought to organize protests outside Stericycle sites across the country. There are currently 26 protests scheduled in 16 states.

Click here to if you would like to sign on to lead a Stericycle Protest in your area.

Pro-life Social Media – Pro-abortion author gets a lesson in pro-life charity.

This past week saw the viral hashtag #youknowme. Post-abortive mothers, including Hollywood celebrities, were sharing their abortion testimonies in the wake of states passing strong restrictions on the murder of preborn children.

One pro-abortion author took to Twitter and opened up her timeline seeking answers to the following question:

She didn’t have to wait long:

You know how talking-point abortion advocates love to throw around comments about pro-lifers only caring about preborn babies . . . until they’re born?

Thank you, Sarah Tuttle-Singer for the tweet.